This Samsung Frame 65-inch 4K TV deal is a work of art at $300 off

Source: Samsung

Samsung ‘The Frame’ 65-inch QLED 4K TV

$1700 $2000 Save $300

Part QLED 4K TV, part picture frame, Samsung’s “The Frame” is a display for those who are looking to elevate their relationship with screens. Designed like a picture frame, it combines unique style with incredible 4K picture quality and clarity. At $300 off, the 65-inch model is well worth the price of admission.

It’s no challenge these days to find a 4K TV that delivers great picture quality. Just about all of them look incredible, with HDR and display technology reaching a point where it can be difficult telling them apart. Some may have a slightly clearer picture or a wider range of colors, but for the most part once you get to higher priced models, the differences can be hard to discern. That’s why, when shopping for a new TV, concerns like design start becoming more and more important, helping them really stand out.

Lots of TVs now are thin and sleek, but few look quite as good as Samsung’s The Frame. It’s a screen designed with the aesthetics of a framed work of art, offering not only stunning picture quality but also a stylish design that’ll fit in with your decor. It’s one of Samsung’s more expensive TVs, but thanks to a pretty good deal at Amazon, the 65-inch model is getting a $300 price drop and hitting its second-lowest price ever.

Why Samsung’s The Frame QLED 65-inch 4K TV is worth your money

With Samsung’s Frame 4K TV, you’re not just getting a standard set top display you’ll throw onto an entertainment center. Designed to look more like a picture frame than a TV, it feels more at home hanging on a wall or mounted above your fireplace. That’s so true that it actually features customizable bezels that can be swapped out with different colors and designs to better suit your home. While there is a stand you can mount it on if you prefer, it honestly does better as a wall-mounted display. However you decide to set it up, if you’re someone who likes tech that offers both style and function, Samsung’s Frame 4K TV offers the perfect balance of both.

Of course, this is still a Samsung QLED 4K smart TV through and through. It features Samsung’s impressive smart TV technology including its Quantum Processor 4K and Quantum Dot Technology, a crystal clear matte finish QLED display with 100% color volume, and intuitive Tizen OS platform to access your favorite streaming services, watch free live TV with Samsung TV Plus, and more. On top of that, there’s a plethora of nifty smart features including PC on TV, mobile mirroring from mobile devices, and voice control via Samsung Bixby, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant. From an audio perspective, it features 3D surround sound and supports Dolby Atmos, meaning it not only looks good, but it sounds good as well.

Samsung also offers a subscription service to its Art Store, which displays various works of art while the TV is not in use. It’s a cool little service exclusive to The Frame TV, turning your living room into a gallery with curated selections of classic pieces and modern art. Priced at either $7/month or $80/year, it’s kind of what Samsung’s The Frame was designed for and really amps up the ambiance and “wow” factor of your home. With the $300 discount the TV is getting, it’s worth signing up for, considering how good the display actually looks when it shows these pieces of art. If you’re looking more for a TV that actually fits well with your home decor, this deal offers enough savings to make it worth your while.

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