This hot Galaxy S22 Ultra deal drops one of our favorite phones to just $770 today

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

A red hot deal

$770 $1200 Save $430

The Galaxy S22 Ultra might be a generation old, but it has a lot more in common with the new S23 Ultra than you might think. The two handsets offer similar features and performance, but right now you can get the S22 Ultra for more than $400 less.

If we brought you a deal that knocked the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra down to under $800, you’d probably jump on it, right? After all, it’s Samsung’s top-of-the-line flagship handset, our premium pick for the best Android phone in 2023, and we’d be talking about over a $400 discount. Well, how about the S22 Ultra? The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has a lot in common with its successor, including display size, RAM and storage options and battery capacity, and right now you can snag one for just $770.

Why you should buy the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

If you’re shopping for a new Android phone in the $700-$800 price range, and things like high-end performance and premium features are important to you, this discounted S22 Ultra should absolutely be at the top of your list. In our review of the newer S23 Ultra, we called it a “safe” upgrade from its predecessor, and noted that current S22 Ultra owners shouldn’t feel pressured to upgrade. That’s because, as mentioned above, the two phones are extremely similar — both in specs and features.

This is the US model of the S22 Ultra, meaning it has the Snapdragon processor (instead of the troubled Exynos chip), so not only does it look almost identical to the S23 Ultra, but it also performs a lot like it as well. The two phones also share what is essentially the same 6.8-inch display — though the S22 is curvier — and have the exact same battery. Then of course both have the S Pen stylus, and excellent cameras. There’s just not a lot of separation here — and certainly not $400 worth.

To be clear, the S23 Ultra is an upgrade over the S22 Ultra. That’s why they call it an upgrade. There are a number of notable improvements, including a (small) bump in performance, better cameras, and better battery life by an hour or more. But with today’s discount, we think there is quite a bit more value in going with the previous-gen S22 Ultra. Grab one while you can for $770, and be sure to check out our roundups of the best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra cases, as well as the best chargers for it.

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