This electrifying Amazon deal zaps $50 off this beefy Anker 737 power bank

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Anker 737 Power Bank

$100 $150 Save $50

Anker’s 737 power bank offers digital nomads a great little portable charger for their devices, with fast charging capabilities and a large 24,000mAh storage capacity. At $50 off, it’s one heck of a bargain on a must-have accessory for tech enthusiasts.

Nowadays, a good power bank is practically a necessity if you want to stay connected. We’ve all got phones, smartwatches, and in many cases even laptops, riding along with us on our day-to-day grind. Most devices now have plenty of juice to make it through the day, but there’s nothing worse than forgetting to recharge only to see your tech kick on the battery saver mode in the middle of the day

Portable chargers and power banks give your devices a quick boost in a bind, especially if they’ve got fast charging capabilities. However, power banks can be a bit costly to pick up if you need one that can charge multiple higher capacity devices. So when a deal like this drops on Anker’s 737 PowerCore 3-Port 140W 24,000mAh power bank, it’s a good opportunity to snag one if you’ve got multiple devices to keep charged.

Why the Anker 737 PowerCore 140W 24,000mAh power bank is worth your money

The Anker 737 PowerCore 140W 24,000mAh power bank offers a good price to performance ratio for those who need a portable charger that can handle multiple devices. A larger 24,000mAh capacity means you’ll be able to charge laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, phones, and smartwatches with plenty of power to spare, and two 60W USB-C ports and an 18W USB-A port mean you’ll be able to charge up to three of these devices at the same time. Better still, the Anker 737 supports Power Delivery 3.1 and bidirectional charging technology to deliver fast recharging capabilities for devices that support it.

With the right USB-C cable, you’ll be able to get some devices near full charge in as little as an hour, but expect most larger capacity devices to take a bit longer to reach that. Thankfully, it features a nifty little digital display that tells you the output and input power of devices connected, which can give you an idea of how long it’ll take to reach full charge. It also features Anker ActiveShield technology to help monitor the power bank’s temperature to prevent overheating and overcharging, as well as protect your devices from any damage during charging.

All of this makes Anker’s 737 PowerCore 24K power bank a good addition to any tech tool belt, but what’s even better about this deal is the price. At $50 off, it’s down to one of its best prices of the year, offering one of the better higher capacity power banks at a solid price point. For $100, you’ll have a tough time finding any other portable chargers out there that provide what Anker’s 737 does. If you’ve got the funds and don’t have one, now’s the time to pick up a power bank.

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