This 2-day deal takes $60 off the Google Pixel Watch

Style meets functionality with this sleek smartwatch

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Google Pixel Watch

$290 $350 Save $60

The first Android smartwatch with Fitbit health tracking, the Pixel Watch aims to help you stay fit or get fit easily. Plus, Wear OS 3.5 brings us Google’s vision for a wearable UI and exclusive Wear OS apps for Google services, like Google Home.

It’s getting harder and harder to escape the golden trio of technology: a smartphone, earbuds or headphones, and a smartwatch. There’s a good reason why so many people sport all three in their daily lives: wearables are a great way to stay tuned in and connected, and smartwatches are well-equipped to help you keep track of your fitness goals. With thousands of options and possible combinations across different brands and their offerings, it can be daunting to choose one that’s a sure bet for you.

While there are great smartwatches from tech giants like Samsung and Fitbit, Google threw its hat in the ring with the Google Pixel Watch last year. A new version of this watch is rumored to come out pretty soon and may sport some of the same technology the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 offers. If you want a smartwatch for less and don’t plan to jump on the new Pixel Watch 2, you can grab Google’s first-gen Pixel Watch for $290 at both Best Buy and Amazon, saving $60.

Why buy the Google Pixel Watch now?

The price for Google’s first smartwatch isn’t quite the lowest we’ve ever seen, but it does bring the watch down below $300 which is better than most similar alternatives on the market. This discount is only available until Sunday at Best Buy. We’re not sure how long Amazon will keep the sale.

In contrast to bulky statement watches, the Google Pixel Watch is nearly weightless and features a timeless design that’ll suit any outfit. With a rounded glass display that curves around the edges of the watch mounted on a stainless steel frame, the watch pairs both style and functionality.

The display is protected by 3D Gorilla Glass and features an AMOLED panel that has an always-on display option. It’s sure to last through any minor dings or falls with this construction. What’s inside is equally tailored for effectiveness: the watch is powered by a Cortex M33 coprocessor and comes with 32GB of eMMC flash storage and 2GB of SDRAM.

This is Google’s first watch, so it’s gone through several updates since it was introduced. Thankfully, you can stay up-to-date with this latest watch and skip all the hiccups that were ironed out over the course of a year.

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