The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could learn a trick from the Essential Phone

The best Samsung phones use Armor Aluminum chassis, which is more durable than regular aluminum. It also gives the phones a more premium in-hand feel. With the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra next year, the Korean giant could use a titanium frame to take things up a notch. Titanium is nearly four times denser and stronger than aluminum, which should allow it to fare better against dings and scratches in daily use. Usually, the switch to a denser material for the middle frame leads to an increase in weight, but that seemingly won’t be the case with the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Samsung leaker Ice Universe claims the Galaxy S24 Ultra will weigh 233g, which would make the phone 1g lighter than the Galaxy S23 Ultra. For comparison, the iPhone 14 Pro Max uses a stainless steel chassis and weighs 240g. While this is just six grams heavier than the S23 Ultra, it makes the phone unwieldily and difficult to use one-handed. Interestingly, Apple is also rumored to use titanium chassis on this year’s iPhone 15 Pro series, which could make them lighter than the 2023 models.

So, if the rumor pans out and the Galaxy S24 Ultra weighs a wee bit less than its predecessor, it would be an impressive feat on the Korean giant’s part. This could be because titanium’s increased density will allow Samsung to use less of it, leading to weight reduction.

The Essential Phone was the last notable Android phone to launch with a titanium frame. So, Samsung could one up the competition in the Android ecosystem by switching to titanium with the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Additionally, Ice Universe claims Samsung will add a 5x zoom option in the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera app. Similar to the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s recently introduced 2x in-sensor zoom, it will use high pixel cropping to enhance image quality. This will likely be made possible by the larger 50MP 3x telephoto sensor that Samsung plans to use on its 2024 flagship. Apart from capturing higher quality images at 3x zoom, the 50MP sensor should also improve image quality from 4-9.9x zoom levels.

Other rumored changes for the Galaxy S24 lineup include a switch back to Exynos in certain markets, a newer generation AMOLED panel, and faster charging speeds.

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