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The Samsung Galaxy S23 is a great-looking smartphone, and its small design (by today’s standards) makes it one of the few modern phones that can be comfortably used in one hand. It might be made of fancy-sounding materials like armored aluminum and Gorilla Glass Victus 2, but metal still bends, and glass still cracks.

If you want to keep one of the best Android phones in good condition, a good case is a must-have. From thin and grippy to ruggedly handsome, there’s a case out there that will meet your standards, and we’ve gathered the best of the best into this list.

The best Samsung Galaxy S23 cases balance style and security

The diminutive size of the Galaxy S23 means you can experiment with more protective cases without adding too much bulk to your pocket. However, doing so will make the phone harder to use with one hand, so you’ll need to find something that balances comfort and durability.

Our favorite case for the S23 is the Spigen Liquid Crystal. This clear case lets you show off your Galaxy S23 while keeping it safe from scratches, knocks, and minor drops. The case is also soft to the touch, making it comfortable and grippy. Despite being a clear case, it comes in three versions: Clear, Quartz, and Space Crystal. The first speaks for itself, while the Quartz adds some glitter for that extra sparkle. Space Crystal adds a dark tint to the case, but it isn’t so dark that the phone’s color is hidden.

If you want all-out protection, a heavy-duty case like the iBlason Armorbox is what you’ll need, plus it includes a kickstand that doubles as a phone grip. The i-Blason has two front frames, one with a built-in screen protector and one without. It’s good to have a choice, considering built-in protectors have to use an annoying cutout for the fingerprint scanner to work.

The Poetic Neon strikes a balance between protection and comfort. Thanks to the reasonably thin construction, it’s easy to hold, and it’ll shrug off anything but the harshest of drops or impacts. Something else we appreciate about the Poetic Neon is the seven color choices. Finding one that matches your phone and taste should be easy.

If you’re feeling extravagant, the Mous Limitless 5.0 is definitely worth a look, offering an excellent combination of style and protection for your Galaxy S23. It has AiroShock technology, which absorbs the impact of drops and bumps, keeping your phone safe and sound. The Mous Limitless 5.0 also has a magnetic back compatible with MagSafe accessories, so you can easily attach a wireless charger, car mount, or card wallet to your phone. Plus, the company offers multiple back material options, from aramid fiber to leather, to suit your needs or style.

Once you’ve got your case picked out, you’ll want to make sure your display is well-protected as well. That’s why we’ve gathered the best S23 screen protectors for you to peruse. After all, why leave the job of keeping your phone safe half done?

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