Snag the EarFun Air S earbuds at their lowest price ever with this coupon code

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EarFun Air S

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$38 $60 Save $22

For $40, you’d be hard-pressed to find a pair of earbuds that deliver what the EarFun Air S do. They offer a good balance of sound quality and features for the price, making them one of the best pair of cheap earbuds money can buy right now.

It’s not often that a pair of cheap wireless earbuds offer what the EarFun Air S buds do at their standard $60 price tag. Delivering much of what you’d find from earbuds twice the price, including Qualcomm aptX high fidelity sound and multipoint connectivity, these nifty little in-ears punch above their weight for the value. With Amazon offering them at their lowest price ever of just $38 thanks to an on-page $10 off coupon, as well as a code that offers an additional 20% off the price, the EarFun Air S buds are some of the best earbuds for the price right now.

Why the EarFun Air S wireless earbuds are worth your money

Much like EarFun Air Pro 3 earbuds, the EarFun Air S offers an experience that feels well above the cost of admission. Not only do they actually sound good for the price, there are quite a few additional features packed inside that help put these a cut above their peers. From a low latency mode designed for gaming to an impressive set of Qualcomm aptX sound technologies inside, they work well in just about all situations without costing an arm and a leg.

Thanks to the Qualcomm QCC3046 chip paired with 10mm drivers, these buds offer a solid range of sound with crisp highs, meaty mids, and booming bass amping up your favorite playlist — all of which is customizable via the simple-to-use EarFun Audio App. The active noise canceling can tune out up to 30 decibels of unwanted background sound, and an intuitive ambient mode adjusts to the surroundings to tune in on nearby noises. While both work well enough, the only downside is that neither are adjustable and simply can either be turned on or off.

However, thanks to Bluetooth 5.2 support and dual connection technology, those shortcomings on the ANC can be forgiven. The EarFun Air S already have a fairly low latency rating, but they also include a Game Mode that keeps the connection under 100ms, making them a good choice as a pair of earbuds for calls and gaming. The battery life could be a bit better, with up to six hours of use with noise canceling enabled, but that’s to be expected for the price of these buds.

This still isn’t bad at all considering the EarFun Air S go for $60 normally, and that battery life is serviceable to say the least, but with an Amazon coupon taking $10 off and the code EFAIRSBD1 taking off an additional 20%, it’s much more acceptable since you can grab these budget-friendly buds at their best price yet.

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