Samsung prematurely announces Galaxy S23 One UI 6 beta

One UI 6 should include UI improvements, including a revamped Quick Panel

Samsung was rumored to release the One UI 6 beta program for selected Galaxy phones in late July. That timeline came and went away without any mention of One UI 6 from the Korean giant. Now, with Android 14‘s first stable release due any day now, Samsung’s German arm accidentally jumped the gum and published the One UI 6 beta program announcement ahead of time. While the company has pulled the press release, it did reveal the changes coming as a part of the next One UI release.



Samsung plans to update many UI elements in One UI 6 to give them a more modern look and feel. The Quick Panel will apparently be revamped to provide faster access to commonly used functions. As part of this redesign, the Dark mode and Eye comfort shield shortcuts will be repositioned alongside the brightness slider. Taking a cue from iOS and iPhones, you could swipe from the display’s upper right corner in One UI 6 to expand the entire Quick Panel.

Another feature Samsung highlighted in its now-retracted announcement is the ability to set different wallpapers for various situations. So, when your Galaxy phone goes into Sleep mode, the wallpaper will automatically change to something that better reflects your mood. A new Camera widget could automatically move specific photos to your desired storage location.

There should be plenty of other changes in One UI 6, including many of the features that Google has showcased as a part of Android 14.

In the press release, Samsung noted the One UI 6 beta program would go live for the Galaxy S23 series in the US, Korea, and Germany. If the last few beta programs from the company are anything to go by, the One UI 6 testing should expand to include additional regions and more Galaxy devices in the coming weeks.

You should be able to join the One UI 6 beta using the Samsung Members app on your phone. Slots will likely be limited, so get in as soon as possible once the program goes live.

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