Popular Reddit client offers first sneak peek of potential subscription pricing

Thanks to Reddit’s stringent new API guidelines, almost all the best third-party clients for the platform are dead. While many developers tried to ensure their app survived the ordeal, Reddit’s absurd API pricing made this extremely difficult. Back in June, the developer of Relay for Reddit, a popular Android Reddit app, suggested the app might survive by going the subscription route, though there was no mention of the pricing. Two months later, the developer has provided more insight into the app’s potential subscription pricing and how you can see your daily average API calls.

Developer DBrady’s proposed pricing for Relay varies depending on your Reddit addiction. It starts from $1 and is ideal for casual users with up to 45 average daily API calls. The $2 and $3 tiers offer 100 and 200 daily API calls. If you spend hours on the platform, the developer is considering offering a $5 monthly plan with unlimited API calls (via The Verge).

These subscription prices include Google’s cut and the revenue DBrady will take home after that. However, an additional 20-30% could be charged in some countries as VAT and other local taxes.

Now, if you are wondering how many API calls you use daily, DBrady has made it easy to find out as well. The latest Relay update for Android lets you view your daily average API calls, with the only requirement being that you have used the app for at least a week.

If you are a Relay for Reddit user, consider sharing your daily average API usage with the developer in their official announcement post, as it will help them determine the final pricing. Interestingly, based on all the data submitted so far, it appears voting on posts and comments takes an absurd amount of API calls.

Relay for Reddit continues to be available as a free download on the Play Store for at least the next few weeks. But once the monthly subscription pricing rolls out, you’ll have to pay between $1-5 to use your favorite Reddit client.

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