Pay $25 and get $50 in travel data credit with this aloSIM eSIM card offer


  • Traveling internationally can be expensive, especially when it comes to data plans. aloSIM offers affordable eSIM plans starting at $5 for a week of data, allowing you to stay connected wherever you go.
  • With aloSIM, you can take your mobile data with you across the world. Their eSIM platform offers data plans that can connect to different networks, making traveling simpler and cheaper.
  • For just $25, you can get a lifetime eSIM plan from aloSIM along with $50 in travel credits to use towards data packages. This deal is worth considering if you’re planning a trip and want to save money on staying connected.

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$25 $50 Save $25

If you’re planning a vacation or looking to travel internationally, an eSIM plan is an affordable way to stay connected wherever the wind takes you. With plans starting at just $5 for a week of data, aloSIM gives users a choice as to how long they need to stay connected. Right now, you can get a lifetime eSIM plus $50 in travel credits to use towards these data plans for just $25.

One of the biggest pain points of traveling internationally is that most data plans don’t cover you unless you sign up for an international plan. It’s not that it’s difficult to do so, but it usually doesn’t come cheap when you add this to your current data plan, even if it’s temporary. Depending on your carrier, international data packages can cost up to a whopping $10 per day depending on where you go, which makes a service like aloSIM a much more affordable alternative. Providing an eSIM platform that offers data plans that can connect to different networks around the world, traveling becomes a much simpler — and cheaper — endeavor.

Usually, their lifetime subscription runs for $50, plus you pay out of pocket for the data package you need. However, there’s a stellar deal at StackSocial that drops that plan down to just $25 — a sizable 50% off — and actually gives you $50 in travel credits to use towards those plans.

Why this aloSIM eSIM deal is worth your money

If you’re not familiar with an eSim, here’s a quick rundown. An eSIM basically works the same as your current SIM card, however it works in multiple countries, meaning you can use the internet with your mobile device wherever you go. Carriers do offer this sort of thing, but their data packages and plans aren’t nearly as cheap. A basic aloSIM data package starts as low as $5 for 1GB of data that’s useable for 7-days, and larger packages that offer up to 10GB of data go for just $22 for up to 30-days. Prices can vary depending on what country you go to, but these are the most common price points you’ll see in aloSIM’s data package offerings.

This deal at StackSocial not only gets you the lifetime eSIM plan for $25, it also gets you $50 in travel credits to use towards these data packages. Not a bad offer at all whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a month-long stay in another country. You may be thinking, though, what about making phone calls? Well, unfortunately an eSIM doesn’t come with its own number, so by default you can’t actually make international calls with your own mobile device when traveling. However, there are ways to make phone calls with a data only eSIM that alleviate this problem, including using apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Zoom, or even Skype. In some cases, you may still be able to use your current phone number to make the call, but you could get creamed with roaming charges if you do.

Most of the latest smartphones are eSIM-compatible phones and even the latest tablets can work with an eSIM. However, if you’ve got an older device you’ll want to verify that it’s on aloSIM’s compatibility list before you buy. Also, the data package does expire after the time frame ends, so for example if you purchase a 7-day plan and don’t use all of it within the allotted time, you lose what you didn’t use. This isn’t much of a deal breaker, though, since you’ll probably use all of it before the time limit hits. So if you’ve got a trip coming up, and you’re hoping to save a bit of cash for some souvenirs, an eSIM is a great way to do so. Especially when it’s just $25 and includes $50 of credits to use towards data plans.

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