Oppo discontinues operations in France despite winning case against Nokia

Oppo and OnePlus were previously rumored to be exiting France, and then the entire European market, following the suspension of operations in Germany due to a patent dispute. Both the BBK-owned companies were quick to deny those rumors, saying in press statements that they wouldn’t exit Europe and the UK, instead aiming to maintain stable operations in the region. However, Oppo has apparently just bowed out of France, which is one of its key European markets.



According to a report by Frandroid, Yang Technology, Oppo’s distribution partner in France, is discontinuing its operations in the country (via 9to5Google). As a result, the Chinese phone maker’s devices will no longer be available to purchase in France, although stocks from resellers may still be up for grabs.

Oppo did not explain why it made this decision, but recent reports suggest it could be related to a patent dispute with Nokia in Germany. The lawsuit did not put an end to Oppo’s operations in Germany; rather, it suspended them until the company paid what it owed to the Finnish firm.

However, in May, Oppo supposedly terminated third-party marketing and sales operations teams in France, and ceased its commercial animation efforts. The company’s local retail partners also told Oppo that they only intend to sell the last remaining inventories in France until stocks run out.

Frandroid’s report also comes as Oppo apparently won its patent-related court battle with Nokia. This begs the question of why the company would want to leave France.

A judge in the Paris Court of Justice is said to have issued a verdict in favor of Oppo, while declaring Nokia’s patents invalid due to a “lack of novelty.”

Nevertheless, Oppo wants to reassure customers that orders already placed will be fulfilled, and some consumers may even purchase their favorite Android phones from the company in the coming weeks. In a statement, Oppo told the outlet that it has taken control of customer services in France and will continue to provide after-sales services and future operating system updates.

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Berita, ulasan, opini, dan panduan kami yang mudah diikuti dapat mengubah setiap pemilik iPhone menjadi penggemar Apple
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