Latest Moto leak offers a peek at specs and colors coming to a new budget model

Motorola has a knack for pumping out budget and mid-range phones, releasing slightly different versions of them in the various worldwide markets each year. While the recently-released Moto Edge+ has made us take Motorola a bit more seriously once again, it continues to offer cheaper choices throughout its lineup. This seemingly will continue with the Motorola G54 5G, which recently had its specifications leaked.



According to The Tech Outlook, the G54 will be Motorola’s next entry into the G5 series following the G53. The G53, which was released in early 2023 in China and Europe, is imminently releasing as the G53S in India. Both versions are not available in the United States. This will probably be the same case when it comes to the G54, codenamed “Cancun 5G.”

The leak says that the G54 will run on Android 13. That’s no surprise considering that many older Motorola phones have been getting the Android 13 update over the course of 2023. Android 14 will potentially be released to the public in August or September after many months of being in the beta stage, which we’ve followed along with the entire way.

The G54 will have up to 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB of internal storage, expandable by up to 1TB. It will feature a 6.5-inch FHD+ display with a 120Hz refresh rate. The rear camera array will be home to a 50MP lens, while the front camera will be a 16MP shooter. It will have a 5,000 mAh battery.

This all sounds very familiar, as the G53 has practically the same specs. The leak does say that the G54 has a water-repellent design as opposed to the water-resistant design in the G53, though the latter never received an official IP rating, and none is mentioned for the G54 either.

Lastly, the leak says that the phone will be available in four color choices: Ballad Blue, Ambrosia, Coronet Blue, and Outer Space. The Tech Outlook includes a video of what each color looks like on a 3D render of the G54.

It’s hard to get terribly excited about another mid-range Motorola phone, especially when it has similar internal specs to the previous line’s release. If the leak is true, the Moto G54 won’t do much different than the Moto G53. There’s currently no timeline on when it’ll be released, but don’t expect people to be lining up to get it when it’s available.

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