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When Roborock unveiled the S7 MaxV Ultra in 2022, it pioneered the fully autonomous robot mop and vacuum market, kicking off a wave of versatile cleaning bots that can automatically wash their own mops to shave off maintenance time. Several other brands have followed in its footsteps, including Dreametech with the L10s Ultra, and Ecovacs, with its Deebot T20 Omni and its innovative hot water cleaning technology.



Unfortunately, though, these products cost over a grand, making them unaffordable for many. Thankfully, Roborock has released the Q Revo, which offers much of the same functionality for less than $900. I extensively tested it under the harshest conditions to make sure it’s up to the hype and check whether its cheaper price tag makes it less efficient or not.

Source: Roborock

Roborock Q Revo

The Roborock Q Revo is one of the most affordable fully autonomous robot vacuum and mop combo. It can efficiently clean your floors with minimal human intervention, thanks to its base station that can wash its mop pads using two dedicated water tanks and even dry them with hot air.

13.9 x 13.8 x 3.8 inches

Battery Life
180 minutes



10 lbs

Surface Recommendation

Alexa, Google Assistant

Dust Bag Capacity(L)

Cleaning Modes
Vacuum & Mop


Suction Power

Two rotating mop pads



  • “Affordable” price (relatively speaking)
  • Cleaning efficiency
  • Lifting mop pads
  • Useful, feature-rich app

  • Not great at detecting small obstacles
  • No consumables included in the box
  • Mediocre build quality for the price

Price and availability

The Roborock Q Revo is available in black or white for $900 at Amazon and Roborock’s site.

Design, hardware, what’s in the box

Roborock Q Revo dock and water tanks

With the Q Revo, Roborock has taken a different design approach for the base station, making it taller and narrower than in its flagship lineup. The station is more comparable to the Dreametech L10s Ultra’s, in the sense that both water tanks are located at the top, although there’s no cover or flap to hide them on the Roborock model. The dust bag is right underneath them, housed in a dedicated compartment that’s closed using a removable front panel.

The docking area itself is also used to wash and dry the mop pads. However, unlike on Roborock’s flagship models, the Q Revo doesn’t use a dedicated brush to wash the mop. Instead, it uses plastic nubs that scrub the pads while they rotate inside the station. This is the main difference with Roborock’s S lineup, as the Q Revo foregoes the more thorough mop cleaning solution to minimize cost.

The robot itself has a generic look, with its round face and standard dimensions of approximately 13.9-by-13.8-by-3.8 inches. Despite the top-mounted LiDAR dome, it’s short enough to slide under most furniture. Roborock has placed two quick access buttons on the top, as well as a discreet flap that covers access to the dust bin and HEPA filter to avoid having to flip the robot upside down.

Thankfully, you won’t need to do that often, as the self-emptying station takes care of the dust bin’s contents for you. The underside is also similar to what you can find on the Dreametech and Ecovacs’ high-end products, with two rotating mop pads, a single bristleless brush roller, a side brush, the sensors, and wheels. The Q Revo features infrared obstacle recognition, which Roborock calls Reactive Tech. It’s the same technology found on the S7 Max Ultra and works without an RGB camera. To ensure the vacuum doesn’t bump into furniture and walls, it comes with sensors at the front and the back, helping it better detect and avoid obstacles.

Another difference between the Q Revo and Roborock’s flagship product is their build quality. Indeed, the midranger uses less premium materials, with easily scratchable plastics and a loose bumping board. Despite this, the Q Revo remains a solidly built vacuum that should last over time.

When it comes to the box’s contents, there’s not much to find in there, besides the robot, the docking station, and an extra dust bag. Despite its mid-range positioning, the Q Revo still costs $900, and it surely wouldn’t have cost much to include some consumables and even a brush to clean the dock.

Setup, software, and features

Roborock Q Revo Reactive Tech sensor

Together with Dreametech, Roborock has one of the most complete apps on the smart vacuum market. It allows you to customize your robot and cleaning preferences to the fullest, including the vacuuming power, mop dampness, mop cleaning intensity, drying duration, self-emptying frequency, and much more.

Since the Q Revo comes with Reactive Tech obstacle detection, it marks where it detected them on the map for you to review. The technology also allows it to recognize carpets and define whether to raise the mop pads or avoid them altogether. You can even define off-peak charging hours to save money and put less pressure on the electrical grid.

In terms of mapping, the Q Revo creates a map of your house during the first run. You can then merge, split, or rename rooms and create no-go zones and virtual walls. You can also add virtual furniture and set a specific cleaning sequence, and even adjust the cleaning preferences for each room.

This means you can control the suction power and mop pad dampness and use different settings from one room to another. As usual with Roborock, the app can manage up to four maps and automatically position itself and recognize which one to use, which is particularly useful if you live in a multi-story house.

Cleaning efficiency and battery life

Roborock Q Revo

The Q Revo comes with a strong 5,500Pa vacuuming power, which is relatively rare for a midranger, as most of them offer 3,000 to 4,000Pa. It offers five vacuuming modes, ranging from the most silent one to Max +.

This allows it to efficiently clean on any surface, including tiles, hardwood floors, and even carpets. Its bristleless brush is great for cleaning grout and collecting debris, without getting tangled in hair. The robot does a good job on carpets, especially low-pile ones, thanks to its strong vacuuming power and automatic boost mode that controls the vacuuming power in real-time.

Since I have a pet, I often like to test a vacuum’s efficiency in real-life conditions, which means launching it after there’s dirt and mud everywhere after a long walk in the forest, or even hair flying around after a grooming session. To my surprise, the Q Revo brilliantly got rid of all the dirt and dust on the floor after a single pass, which is simply excellent for a midranger.

Roborock Q Revo water tanks

Mopping is also excellent, as unlike other more affordable models, the Q Revo does come with an onboard water tank, which allows it to continuously wet its mop pads, instead of them being merely washed in the dock and starting to dry during the cleaning process. The performance is therefore noticeably great, with virtually no stains left after a single pass, except for particularly tough and dry ones.

Thankfully, using detergent — which you have to buy separately — helps get rid of them too, which means you’ll always come home to sparkling floors. This being said, Roborock’s VibraRise flat and vibrating mop, found on the S series, is more efficient than rotating mop pads. However, considering the price difference with the S lineup, there’s little to complain about the Q Revo’s mopping, especially considering it automatically dries the mop pads with hot air after each cleaning cycle to prevent mildew and odor.

Continuing the comparison with Roborock’s flagship lineup, the Q Revo is slightly quieter than the S7 Max Ultra, and its two lowest vacuuming settings produce very little noise, allowing you to watch TV, work, or have a conversation without being interrupted. The highest settings are naturally louder, while still being acceptable to speak with someone in the same room or watch TV at a higher volume.

Roborock Q Revo

As mentioned above, the Q Revo comes with LiDAR navigation and infrared obstacle detection. Both work perfectly, in the sense that the Q Revo effectively maps its surroundings and can move autonomously from one room to another without requiring manual intervention. It also does a good job at detecting most obstacles, without actually identifying what they are. It can, however, avoid them and plot them on the map for you to check later on. However, it does struggle with sensing charging cables and wires, which can easily end up being sucked up by the robot.

The Roborock Q Revo’s 5,200mAh battery lasts for about 140 minutes on average with settings favoring cleaning over battery life, which is enough to clean about 1,350 square feet. If you were to need more, the Q Revo can automatically return to its dock and resume its tasks once it’s charged.

Maintenance and care

Roborock Q Revo dust bag

The Q Revo aims to offer the same level of autonomy as a flagship model, in that it can vacuum and mop your floors without manual intervention. It uses two large water tanks, 5L for the clean one and 4.2L for the dirty one, to wash the mop pads and collect the soiled water after each cleaning cycle. Its 2.7L bag does the same with dust and debris, which means human intervention is mostly required to refill and empty these.

In my tests, the Q Revo was able to clean about 1,000 square feet with settings in favor of better performance and high water usage. With more economical ones, it shouldn’t struggle to clean 1,500 to 2,000 square feet without requiring its clean water tank to be refilled.

Roborock Q Revo mop washing area

As mentioned before, the Q Revo uses plastic beads to scrub the mop pads instead of a dedicated sliding brush. This means that even though they’re washed before, during, and after every cleaning cycle, it’s best to throw them in the laundry periodically to remove persistent dirt from them. Thankfully, though, the hot air drying is efficient and prevents mildew and odors from developing in the mop pads.

When it comes to caring for the robot itself, there’s little to do, as the bristleless brush roller prevents hair from being tangled and trapped. This means you mostly need to wash the mop pads, clean the main brush, and wipe the sensors about once a month.


Roborock Q Revo underside

The Q Revo isn’t the only midranger to come with fully autonomous features. The Dreametech L10 Ultra offers very similar features and costs the same price, despite having less precise obstacle detection. In my opinion, it comes with a slightly better-looking base station, though, making it easier to integrate in your living area.

The Ecovacs Deebot T10 Omni also offers much of the same functionality, without being able to automatically lift its mops to avoid rugs and carpets. It also comes with a much bigger base station that might be hard to fit in your interior design, and costs $1,200, which makes it an unreasonable choice compared to the L10 Ultra and Q Revo.

Should you buy it?

Roborock Q Revo top buttons

You should definitely consider the Q Revo if you’re looking for a fully autonomous robot that can vacuum and mop your floors autonomously for less than a grand. It offers excellent cleaning performance with decent obstacle detection, making it a very recommendable option. Roborock had to sacrifice a few features to lower the price, such as its more advanced VibraRise mop and advanced mop self-cleaning, however.

If you’re looking for even better cleaning performance, you can consider the brand’s S series, including the S7 Max Ultra which comes with a flap and sonic mop that’s cleaned using a dedicated brush, or even the S8 Pro Ultra, which comes with these features and even better vacuuming and mopping power, thanks to its dual brush roller and mop vibration modules.

Roborock Q Revo-14

Source: Roborock

Roborock Q Revo

The Roborock Q Revo is one of the most affordable fully autonomous robot vacuum and mop combo. It can efficiently clean your floors with minimal human intervention, thanks to its base station that can wash its mop pads using two dedicated water tanks and even dry them with hot air.

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