Google could be working on a brand-new Nest Wifi router

The info comes courtesy of a recent Google Home app update

Google released the Nest Wifi Pro router last October with Wi-Fi 6E support, making it a significant upgrade over the company’s set of Google and Nest-branded routers. One of the complaints most people have with the Nest Wifi Pro is its price tag, while the decision to forego the standalone speaker and Assistant capabilities was also surprising to many. Despite these caveats, the Nest Wifi Pro continues to be a decent option for people who want to upgrade their home or office Wi-Fi to the newer and more capable 6 GHz bands. It’s now coming to light that Google may be prepping another wireless router, thanks to code found within the recent Google Home app.



The people over at 9to5Google dug into version 3.4 of the Google Home app for Android to find references for a device with the codename Brezza (breeze in Italian), reportedly misspelled as “Breeza.”

<string name=”ws_check_wan_breeza_a11y”>The WAN and LAN ports are found behind your Nest Wifi. The WAN port is on the left and the LAN port is on the right.</string>

Furthermore, the model number GS4VD also appears within the updated Google Home app’s code, followed up by the mention of “BRZA,” a shortened form of Brezza. Unfortunately, not much else can be learned from the code, per the folks at 9to5Google, and they couldn’t find any indication that an Assistant speaker would be included in the setup.

The site also mentions that the Google Home app “treats” this router the same way as the existing Nest Wifi Pro, making it hard to know whether this is an entirely new router or a rerelease of last year’s offering. The latter move has precedent, with the company relaunching Google Wifi back in October 2020 featuring the same hardware but a lowered price tag.

This leak doesn’t definitively say when this new router will arrive or if it will cost more (or less) than the Nest Wifi Pro. The device is likely being tested internally right now, so we could be in for a long wait. But there’s some hope that Google could reveal this new wireless router during or days before its Pixel 8 launch event in October, much like it did with the Nest Wifi Pro last year.

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