Get lifetime access to 20TB of cloud storage for just $100 right now

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$100 $1495 Save $1395

Keeping backups of files is crucial, and while there are plenty of services out there that do this, the amount of storage space Prism Drive is offering at such a low price is hard to pass up. For just $100, you can snag yourself a lifetime subscription of 20TB cloud storage space.

Keeping backups of your files is as important as ever, with practically everything stored digitally on your device or in the cloud. While grabbing a portable SSD can add a bit of on-hand storage space when you need it, sometimes you won’t always have the option to connect and access your files.

That’s why cloud storage is becoming increasingly important, with most services offering a way to access your data and files via web browsers and apps. There are plenty of cloud storage options out there to choose from, but today there’s a deal going on at StackSocial that can net you 20TB of cloud storage space for just $100 — a massive 90% discount off the standard $1500 price tag.

Why Prism Drive cloud storage is worth your money

Whether you’re a photographer with thousands of photos to store or a student with a trusty-but-storage-limited Chromebook that needs some extra space, cloud storage options are a hassle-free method of getting what you need wherever and whenever you need it. A portable hard drive is always an option, but for the money, they don’t always stack up in terms of value. And since they’re physical items, they can break. Of course, you’ll take care of that hardware, but cloud storage services offer a little bit more peace of mind.

Prism Drive offers a convenient, web-based cloud file management service that can be accessed anywhere you can get an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection. You can upload multiple types of files, including videos, images, documents, and more, all of which are encrypted with AES 256-bit security. Uploading can be done either via a web browser or directly from your mobile device, which makes pushing files to your cloud storage quick and easy.

One downside to Prism Drive, however, is that upload and download times can be a bit on the slow side due to it being a web-based service. While most standard files will upload in just a few seconds, larger files, such as videos and images, can take quite a bit. Prism Drive does track the progress of your uploads and downloads to give an idea of how long each action takes, but you’ll have to be ready for slower transfer speeds overall. This isn’t a deal-breaker in itself, but it’s something to consider depending on the type of files and work you’ll be doing with it.

That said, the price of Prism Drive’s plans in StackSocial’s cloud storage offer is hard to beat. You can go with a 2TB plan for $50, a 5TB plan for $70, a 10TB plan for $90, or a massive 20TB plan for $100. The 20TB option is by far the best offer for the value, and since this is a lifetime subscription to the cloud storage service, it’s a straight one-time fee upfront. With the school year about to start, this is a great deal for students in need of more storage space for their upcoming classes.

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