Galaxy S23 FE listing appears on Wireless Power Consortium site

Back in 2008, the Wireless Power Consortium was formed to promote the universal and widespread usage of a wireless charging standard among all types of phones. That led to the creation of the Qi standard, which is a form of power transfer that most of the best wireless chargers are using today. It seems like someone made a slight mistake on the Wireless Power Consortium website, however, as a listing for the all-but-confirmed Galaxy S23 FE has appeared.



In the listing, an image of what is presumed to be the Galaxy S23 FE is pictured (via Slashleaks). The phone in the post matches what we’ve seen from previous leaked illustrations, too. As we noted before, it looks more like the Samsung Galaxy A54 line of phones than the flagship S23.

In addition, the page notes some of the S23 FE’s wireless charging info, much of which is the exact same as the rest of the S23 line of phones. While the S23 FE utilizing the same Qi wireless charging standard was expected and assumed by consumers, it’s nice to see yet another bit of proof that an announcement of the S23 FE is imminent.


Just recently, in an interview done by Android Authority, Samsung’s vice president of mobile for Samsung South Africa Justin Hume said that there is an “FE-sized gap” between the Samsung Galaxy A54 G5 and the S23. He also said that there was to be an “imminent” announcement made. We can presume that Hume is talking about the S23 FE, especially due to leaks like this Wireless Power Consortium posting.

Some leaks of the S23 FE say that the device will have a 50MP camera that matches what the main S23 has. It is also rumored to use the Samsung-made Exynos 2200 CPU, which may be quite disappointing to potential buyers. The rest of the S23 line uses Snapdragon processors worldwide, which have shown to be much faster than Samsung chipsets.

Regardless of what’s inside the S23 FE, it’s nice to see this type of phone return after the lack of a Fan Edition in the S22 line. It’s been over a year and a half since the S21 FE was released. How imminent the S23 FE’s release is depends on how imminent the announcement is, and that may be sooner than we think.

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