ChromeOS is working on a redesigned settings menu with Material You styling

ChromeOS gets loads of new features with each update, and those are normally found before release by users on the Canary and Dev channels. These test versions reveal new functionality that Google is working on that may not lead to anything but gives us a good idea of what’s in the pipeline. In an exciting development for ChromeOS users, Google appears to be working on a slew of new features for its desktop operating system.



C2 Productions delved into the specifics of ChromeOS 117.5933 on Twitter and highlighted a variety of improvements that are potentially in the works (via 9to5Google). The first major change you’ll notice is a Material You redesign for the settings menu. This revamp is part of a bigger push to make Google’s software feel familiar across multiple platforms, as seen in a recent update to the account switcher UI on many of the company’s websites.

Source: C2 Productions/Twitter

While the makeover brings dynamic theming and other Material Design 3 elements to the settings menu, there are functional changes as well. A new Mouse scrolling section has been added with options for adjusting scroll speed, direction, and acceleration. Another addition is the Tap and Drag to Move Items feature, which enables touchscreen and trackpad users to move items around the screen with a double-tap-and-hold gesture.

Clipboard functionality is also receiving an upgrade, as users will now be able to access the Multipaste menu by long-pressing Ctrl+V. The redesigned clipboard boasts a modern appearance, aligning with the broader visual enhancements across the ChromeOS ecosystem.

After being spotted in development a few months ago, it appears ChromeOS is set to integrate Google Tasks directly into the operating system. A new widget will appear alongside the calendar in the system tray, allowing users to manage tasks seamlessly without leaving their desktop environment.

There has also been work on a new feature tour that would guide users through ChromeOS features on first-run. This can be enabled through a flag at chrome://flags/#enable-welcome-tour.

One last notable development is the introduction of a native energy-saving feature in ChromeOS. Although still under development, this feature aims to optimize power consumption and extend battery life by turning off non-essential background functions.

These updates are currently in various stages of development and are not guaranteed to all come in the stable ChromeOS 117 update. However, Chrome 116 just made its way to the stable channel last week, so we can expect its successor to drop in about a month.

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