Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 cases in 2023

You need protection for when your Flip 5 flops

At long last, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 finally has the spotlight over its tablet-cum-smartphone sibling, the Galaxy Z Fold 5. This year’s upgrade is all about the bigger, bolder outer display and its (eventual) cover screen apps. That bigger screen means that case design was even more challenging than years past — but it also means fresher styles and a wider diversity of available cases. Some are fashionably late, but we’ll be updating this guide frequently to ensure we offer you only the best Galaxy Z Flip 5 cases.

  • Spigen-AirSkin-galaxy-z-flip-5-case

    Source: Spigen

    Spigen AirSkin for Galaxy Z Flip 5

    Best overall

    After years of Spigen being prudish with its pigments, the AirSkin is here with a veritable rainbow! We’ve got matching shades for each Flip 5 color, clear, and even the Zero One teardown options. With a name like AirSkin, it’s not the most heavy-duty case out there, but it’ll add some light impact resistance and guard against scratches and scuffs.

  • casetify-impact-galaxy-z-flip-5-case-purple-haze

    Source: Casetify

    Casetify Impact for Galaxy Z Flip 5

    Premium pick

    If you’re going to spend $70 on a case, it should be a case that’s distinct, daring, and grippy. Casetify’s Impact does all three in style, and for the Galaxy Z Flip 5, we get an almost GameBoy-like Haze Purple color option. At launch, we’ve “only” got thousands of graphic and artist designs, but licensed Co-Lab cases will soon arrive, too.

  • caseology-nano-pop-galaxy-z-flip-5-case

    Source: Caseology

    Caseology Nano Pop For Galaxy Z Flip 5

    Best value

    One of our favorite Flip 4 cases makes a dope Flip 5 return. These two-tone color schemes will absolutely POP (pun 110% intended) alongside Samsung’s new cover screen customization, and microdot texturing along the side of the bottom half allows for added purchase when your hands are sweaty. I’m in love with the purple two-tone, but the Navy/yellow contrast is classic.

  • Supcase UB Pro for Galaxy Z Flip 5

    Source: Supcase

    Supcase UB Pro for Galaxy Z Flip 5

    Promoted Pick

    In partnership with Supcase

    Let’s not mince words; this is a beefy boy. If you’re making a case that can survive 20-foot drops and getting run over, it’s going to have some heft to it. The trademark kickstand is still built into the bottom — it’s mostly good for flex mode or cover screen mode — and it still comes with a holster if you want to really kick it like it’s 2003.

  • UAG Plyo Pro for Galaxy Z Flip 5

    Source: UAG

    UAG Plyo Pro for Galaxy Z Flip 5

    The bottom of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is not big enough for the full MagSafe array, but we can at least fit the main ring — or hexagon, in this case. This means that accessories might sometimes stick out or misalign, but for wireless chargers and compact grips, it should be perfect. UAG’s durable bumpers also help you keep hold when a MagSafe grip isn’t attached.

  • Torro Leather Case for Galaxy Z Flip 5

    Source: Torro

    Torro Leather Case for Galaxy Z Flip 5

    Even Samsung has given up the goat on actual leather cases, but at least Torro is still giving us full-grain aniline cowhide leather across the backplate and framing the cover screen. Torro’s cases are usually folio wallet cases, but that would be a bridge too far with its Flip 5 case; in fact, we don’t even get the trademark bull cutout. At least we get that bold red stitching.

  • Ringke Slim for Galaxy Z Flip 5

    Source: Ringke

    Ringke Slim for Galaxy Z Flip 5

    Ringke’s only Galaxy Z Flip 5 case at this time is its Slim clear case. It’s a straightforward option that comes in three flavors: solid (four colors), crystal clear, and matte clear. Now, because the case uses black adhesive pads to stay in place, the crystal clear will plainly display those black patches on the sides, but the matte clear does a decent job at hiding them.

  • Otterbox-defender-series-XT-galaxy-z-flip-5-case

    Source: Otterbox

    Otterbox Defender Series XT for Galaxy Z Flip 5

    Last year’s Symmetry case for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 left something to be desired regarding its hinge protection, and this year Otterbox has fixed it while also improving the fit and stability of the overall case. The Defender Series XT is properly hinged on each side, making the case one segmented piece rather than two completely separate halves.

  • Haotp PU Leather Wallet for Galaxy Z Flip 5

    Source: Amazon

    Haotp PU Leather Wallet for Galaxy Z Flip 5

    For a phone this small, wallet cases are a rare, rare thing, and I’ll preface this case by saying the cards will stick out a little bit. This polyurethane leather Galaxy Z Flip 5 case has room for up to three cards and cash, which should be enough for karaoke night at the pride bar. I also dig the little straps across the two sides; it helps things feel more cohesive.

  • Zagg Bridgetown for Galaxy Z Flip 5

    Source: Zagg

    ZAGG Bridgetown for Galaxy Z Flip 5

    Ideally, you shouldn’t be dropping a phone as compact as this, but life finds a way, as they say. Hopefully, you’ll never need to put the Bridgetown’s 10-foot drop test to work, but better safe than sorry. Zagg’s usual premium material is D3O foam, but this time, it’s touting graphene’s strength and elasticity.

  • caseology-parallax-galaxy-z-flip-5-case

    Source: Caseology

    Caseology Parallax for Galaxy Z Flip 5

    While the Nano Pop is a flatter and cleaner look, Caseology’s Parallax is all about texture and depth. The grooved bumper is robust enough that your hands will need to be drenched before it’ll slip in your hand. While the cube pattern across the back looks weird, it’s actually quite handy when trying to position your fingers across the back, especially when using the cover screen.

  • Shieid Electroplated Case with Ring for Galaxy Z Flip 5

    Source: Amazon

    Shieid Electroplated Case with Ring for Galaxy Z Flip 5

    The corners and crevices of a clear tend to look awkward, so covering up the bumper with a bold color can spice things up and add some style. Adding it around the camera cutouts can help prevent the flash from shining through your clear case to cause unearthly halos in your photos. The actual ring for the ring grip is also easy to remove or swap out should you so desire.

Your Galaxy Z Flip 5 case should focus on grip and style

While for most phones, many of us will seek out the most durable and heavy-duty case we can — and we absolutely understand the need to protect your $1,000 phone — but the thickness of the case is doubled since the phone folds over. Even medium cases can end up making the Flip 5 feel thick, so unless you need the 20-foot drop protection of the Supcase UB Pro, you’ll want to balance thickness against functionality.

The Casetify Impact seems to strike the perfect balance there, with 5-foot drop protection with the gel-lined, recycled bumper and the fun designs for that slim, clear back. Of course, having a translucent purple case like it’s 1999 is a big bonus, too.

But moving back to sleek cases, the Spigen AirSkin offers a lighter level of durability, but for just everyday (around the house and office and maybe the park) living, it’s almost perfect. Caseology’s Nano Pop is a smidge thicker, but the micro-texture and the two-tone accents spice things up, as well as adding a bit more impact resistance.

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