Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 cases in 2023

There are loads of Galaxy Tab S8 cases to choose from, so we’ve rounded up the best for you

While the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 has finally arrived, last year’s Galaxy Tab S8 remains a great Android tablet. This is evidence that Apple is not alone in making smartly designed, high-performing, user-friendly tablets. It’s a great all-around slate, suitable for working, taking notes, doom-scrolling social media, and of course, streaming your favorite movies and shows.

It’s also pleasantly lithe, appropriately well-finished, and moderately priced. You’ll want to keep this fine piece of equipment out of harm’s way by outfitting it with a reliable, well-made case. There’s a decent variety of styles, from simple silicone sleeves to folios with built-in stands and keyboards. You’ll find a number of covers from well-known manufacturers on our list of the best, as well as a handful of slightly more obscure but still excellent options. Also, take note that the body of the S8 is identical to its predecessor, the S7, so all cases for one work perfectly with the other.

  • Spigen Rugged Armor Pro Designed for Galaxy Tab S8

    Editor’s choice

    A masterclass in balance, durability, and features, the Spigen Rugged Armor Pro keeps your tablet safe from all but the biggest drops, without being overly big or heavy. Internal air cushioning, sleep-supporting magnetic front cover, and sturdy kickstand make it easy to use and the most effective way to protect your investment. We also like the S Pen storage hole, which doesn’t force you to pry the pen out violently like some others.

  • samsung-note-view-cover-galaxy-tab-s8

    Samsung Note View Cover for Galaxy Tab S8

    Premium pick

    The OEM Note View Cover is the perfect way to preserve the premium look and feel of your Tab S8. You’ll need a little confidence in your coordination to rock this one full-time, as it doesn’t really offer much protection against anything but scrapes. But if you’re good at not dropping your device, this sleek cover can actually improve your experience by making it easier to take notes by hand.

  • timovo-slim-case-galaxy-tab-s8

    Timovo Slim for Galaxy Tab S8

    Best value

    The wildly popular Timovo Slim takes closely after Samsung’s official Book Cover. In fact, it’s basically a copy of Samsung’s much pricier folio and receives the same high marks as the OEM version from nearly all users. Its perfect fit, high-end feel, and just-enough protection level combine with a reasonable price to make it the best choice for a lot of Tab S8 owners.

  • fintie-hybrid-slim-galaxy-tab-s8-case

    Fintie Hybrid Slim for Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

    Balanced protection and style

    Rugged silicone bumpers on the edges, a scratch-resistant front cover, and a see-through back panel make the Fintie Hybrid not only a dependable and safe Tab S8 case, but also a great-looking one. There are a number of designs to choose from, including our favorite, the classic mottled black and white Composition Book version. To top it off, it’s one of the most affordable choices.

  • Infiland-Keyboard-Galaxy-Tab-S8-Case

    Infiland Backlit Keyboard Case for Galaxy S8

    Keyboard cases for the Tab S7 and S8 are few and far between, but the one Infiland offers is about as good as they get. Both the case and the accompanying keyboard are considerably better than you might expect from a brand you’ve probably not heard of, and the backlight is an especially convenient addition that not all Bluetooth keyboards offer for some reason. There are a couple of other keyboard cases, but this one’s the most rugged.

  • Supcase-UB-Pro-Galaxy-Tab-S8-Case

    SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro for Galaxy Tab S8

    Promoted pick

    In partnership with Supcase

    Only a few manufacturers go so far when it comes to protecting electronics as Supcase. Its familiar Unicorn Beetle Pro series offers more protection for the Tab S7 and S8 than nearly any other case. That’s due partly to its attached front frame and screen protector, which render the tablet nearly impervious to scratches and drops. A reliable fold-out kickstand and port covers for keeping dust out add the extra touches that make this such a great all-around case.

  • junfire-strap-case-galaxy-tab-s8

    Junfire Strap Case for Galaxy Tab S8

    The Tab S8 isn’t the most compact device, so consider the Junfire Strap Case to make sure you can always keep hold of it. The circular rear panel also houses a kickstand and rotates for holding or sitting in either orientation. This one’s interesting because it’s made from super-dense EVA foam instead of the TPU and plastic of most others. However, one minor drawback is that some of our favorite colors are no longer available.

  • ZtotopCase-Folio-Galaxy-Tab-S8-Case

    ZtotopCase Leather Folding Stand for Galaxy Tab S8

    In the two-tone ZtoTopCase Leather, you get a good-looking, reasonably protective, and highly affordable synthetic leather and fabric exterior. It looks good and feels better while providing just enough safety from drops and bumps during everyday use. The black and blue versions are made entirely from synthetic leather, but we really like the one made with simulated denim.

  • Poetic-TurtleSkin-Galaxy-Tab-S8-Case

    Poetic TurtleSkin Series for Galaxy Tab S8

    Poetic’s TurtleSkin lineup has the same characteristics no matter which device it’s made for. This extra-thick, ultra-rugged cover is about as straightforward as they get, and it will keep your Tab S8 safer than pretty much any other. Furthermore, its internal acoustic modeling even makes the S8’s speakers sound a tiny bit better. It’s an especially great choice if your kids use the tablet a lot, but you don’t want a case in neon pink or covered in cartoon animals.

  • Fintie-Keyboard-Galaxy-Tab-S8-Case

    Fintie Keyboard Case for Galaxy Tab S8

    The Tab S8 is just big enough to encourage a little productivity now and then, and a keyboard goes a long way to that same goal. This one from the increasingly popular manufacturer, Fintie, is as lightweight and affordable as any Bluetooth-enabled typists’ folio, and it even comes in a handful of eye-catching designs. It’s a great case that’s actually cheaper than some other good cases that don’t even include keyboards.

  • Soke-Folio-Case-for-Galaxy-Tab-S8

    Soke Folio Case for Galaxy Tab S8

    Soke’s Tab S8 folio case isn’t exactly fancy and doesn’t have any high-end features, but it doesn’t cost much and comes in a wide range of bold colors. And it still includes the most basic features, like a multi-angle kickstand and a slot for snapping the S Pen into. The version we’ve highlighted here has a solid plastic back that offers more protection than the soft back of the cheaper model.

  • SaharaCase-KidProof-Galaxy-Tab-S8-Case

    SaharaCase KidProof for Galaxy Tab S8

    Kids are hard on electronics, but the KidProof case from SaharaCase does a great job of keeping your device in one piece. It’s as thick and resilient as anything on the market and sports a sturdy carrying handle that minimizes the risk of young folks carelessly dropping it. The drawbacks are that the colors, form factor, and functions aren’t particularly convenient or beneficial to most adults.

Keep your Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 safe

The wide variety of Tab S7 and S8 cases makes it easy to find one that’s right for you. For peak protection, you can’t go wrong with the Spigen Rugged Armor Pro, although the Poetic TurtleSkin is a simpler and nearly as safe choice.

If you’re reasonably confident in your tablet-handling abilities, you might like a sleeker, lighter case. The Timovo Slim is tops in that category, delivering the useful features and decent protection most people need. The Fintie Hybrid Slim’s a similarly good-looking, feature-rich, well-priced choice. For the sleekest experience possible, Samsung’s own Note View Cover can’t be beaten, although it also doesn’t protect much from drops.

The best Galaxy Tab S8 keyboard covers

There aren’t a ton of good keyboard cases for the Tab S8, but there are two. The Infilind is as sturdy and dependable as they get, although it is somewhat pricey. In contrast, the Fintie is a touch more flimsy but lighter and considerably lower priced. Whatever you do, don’t invest in one of Samsung’s OEM Tab S8 keyboard covers, as they’re just not very good.

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