Best Samsung Galaxy S23 wallet cases in 2023

Protect your phone and leave your wallet behind with these fun and elegant cases

Samsung’s Galaxy S23 delivers amazing performance in a small package. It has the same powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip as its larger siblings, giving you top-notch performance without the extra bulk. It’s right up there with the best Android phones, and it’s an especially great choice for those who like to travel light. So why not go the extra step by putting it into a wallet case? You’ll have one less thing to carry with you.

Due to the popularity of Samsung’s Galaxy lineup, you have a wealth of options for protecting and accessorizing your Galaxy S23, from stylish wrap-around leather folios to more traditional cases that let you slip in a few cards around the back. There are so many to choose from that finding the right one for your needs can be a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up some of the best picks across all the different styles to get you started on your journey.

  • Smartish Wallet Slayer for Galaxy S23

    Best overall

    The Smartish Wallet Slayer is a fun and minimalist case available in various whimsical patterns. It offers room for up to three cards without the need to have a flap covering your screen. The cards simply slide into a slot at the rear and are held in place by a built-in spring mechanism. The Wallet Slayer is thin yet durable, with protective air-pocket corners and textured sides to ensure you keep a solid grip on your S23.

  • Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet for Galaxy S23

    Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet for Galaxy S23

    Premium pick

    $38 $40 Save

    Snakehive’s Vintage Leather Wallet adds a nice touch of old-world class to your Galaxy S23. Snakehive’s case is handcrafted using top-grain nubuck leather. It looks great out of the box and ages well by developing a rich leather patina over time. You’ll find the usual space for three cards and a bit of cash inside, and it’s available in some gorgeous colors beyond basic leather brown.

  • Suanpot Wallet Case for Galaxy S23

    Suanpot Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S23

    Best value

    Suanpot’s wallet cases feature a premium style not commonly found in polyurethane leather cases at a very reasonable price. The outside finish feels comfortable, and a magnetic strap keeps it securely closed. Inside, there’s room for three cards and a bit of cash, with RFID shielding that protects your contactless cards from being inadvertently read without blocking features like wireless charging, phone calls, or Samsung Pay. It’s also available in a wide assortment of fun colors.

  • Samsung S-View Wallet for Galaxy S23

    Samsung Galaxy S23 S-View Wallet

    Minimalist yet functional

    Samsung’s own Galaxy S23 S-View Wallet doesn’t hold as many cards as most cases on our list. Still, it makes up for it with a svelte style and a display window that integrates with OneUI to show important information without opening the cover. A watch-sized display offers up the time, notifications, or a now-playing screen. You can even see who’s calling and answer with the cover closed.

  • Ghostek Exec for Galaxy S23

    Ghostek Exec for Galaxy S23

    The Ghostek Exec offers up to 12 feet of protection, a raised camera lens protector, and a secure anti-slip hand grip. You can also carry up to three cards thanks to a removable magnetic cardholder on the case. The MagnaLink magnet system supports many accessories made for Apple’s MagSafe connector, such as docks and car mounts. There’s also a secure locking design that will let it attach to upcoming Ghostek armband and bike-mount accessories.

  • Torro Premium Leather Wallet for Galaxy S23

    Torro Premium Leather Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S23

    Torro’s Premium Leather Wallet for the Galaxy S23 offers a classy and elegant look for your phone with a premium top-grain cowhide that looks and feels luxurious. A raised edge on the rear protects the camera lenses, and there’s an integrated stand to prop your device up. Inside, there’s room for three credit cards and some cash. And a more subtle magnetic clasp on the side helps keep the case closed without adding bulk.

  • Otterbox Strada for Galaxy S23

    OtterBox Strada for Galaxy S23

    If you’re looking for a premium leather folio for your Galaxy S23 that also offers great protection, the Otterbox Strada should be at the top of your list. It isn’t easy to find a wallet case that provides this kind of durability; the Strada has been tested to handle three times more drops than the usual military specs required. Inside you’ll find room for two cards and cash and a magnetic latch that holds the case closed while adding style.

  • Case-Mate Wallet Folio for Galaxy S23

    Case-Mate Wallet Folio for Samsung Galaxy S23

    Case-Mate’s Leather Wallet Folio for the Galaxy S23 provides an elegant style with room for credit and ID cards, as well as RFID protection to keep your personal info safe. (RFID shielding blocks your cards from being read without getting in the way of your phone’s signals or wireless charging.) Made from impact-absorbing materials and genuine pebbled leather, the case protects against drops from heights of up to 12 feet while still feeling comfortable in hand.

  • Samsung Rugged Gadget Case for Galaxy S23

    Samsung Galaxy S23 Rugged Gadget Case

    Samsung’s Rugged Gadget case will ensure your Galaxy S23 is ready for the most serious outdoor adventures. This case combines military-grade drop protection with a modular design that includes a detachable wallet. You can carry up to two cards when you need to, but you can also remove the wallet to equip your phone with other useful accessories like a kickstand, ring holder, or tripod and car mounts.

  • EnCases Wallet for Galaxy S23

    EnCases Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S23

    The EnCases Wallet is available in a variety of fun styles to suit just about any taste, from black to neon butterfly patterns. Made from soft polyurethane leather, this case provides a TPU interior with a raised edge and extra cushioning for shock absorption. There’s room for three cards on the cover, one of which can display an ID card. Plus there’s a strong magnetic closure strap to ensure the case stays shut.

  • Vitodo Wallet Case for Galaxy S23

    Vitodo Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S23

    This wallet case by Vitodo has an interesting twist. While it provides all the things you’d expect from a case in its class — it’s made from polyurethane leather, offers room for three credit cards, and provides some measure of drop protection — it also features a metal circle on the back that’s compatible with Apple’s MagSafe chargers. It’s a great pick if you have an iPhone user in your family, as it lets your S23 attach to a MagSafe charging stand or car mount.

  • AICase Wallet for Galaxy S23

    AICase Wallet for Galaxy S23

    AICase’s wallet offers a more rawhide look for your Galaxy S23, with polyurethane leather and a stitched border that feels ready for the trails. Inside the flap, you’ll find slots for two cards and a bit of cash, and RFID shielding to protect your cards. A durable TPU frame helps to absorb shocks, and it’s lined with soft microfiber to prevent scuffs on the phone’s back glass. Like most folio cases, it also lets you prop your phone up in landscape mode.

  • Ringke Fusion Card Case for Galaxy S23

    Ringke Fusion Card Case for Galaxy S23

    Ringke’s Fusion case doesn’t offer room for as many cards as the other options on our list, but it does ensure that you can show off the elegant design and colorful finish of your Galaxy S23 while still keeping an ID card or transit pass handy. The case also offers solid protection with a polycarbonate transparent back panel and a TPU bumper frame to keep your phone safe from everyday drops and bumps.

  • Defencase Wallet for Galaxy S23

    Defencase for Galaxy S23

    Defencase is designed for folks who want to carry a full wallet of cards with their Galaxy S23. Defencase gives you room for up to ten cards, plus a cash slot and a zipper bag for holding loose change — but bear in mind that the zipper can ding the screen if you’re not careful. A removable lanyard strap is included, which is handy as this is one of the bulkiest wallet cases you’ll find.

Choosing the right wallet case for life’s adventures

Getting the best wallet case for your Samsung S23 doesn’t mean you need to bulk things up. While a fully wrap-around folio case offers protection on both sides and room for more cards and cash, there are some great standard cases that let you pop in up to three cards around the back. That should be plenty if you’re using the Samsung Wallet app to its fullest, but in the end, it really comes down to your preferred style and how many cards you can leave behind.

For a minimalist wallet case that will keep your screen within easy reach, you can’t go wrong with Smartish’s Wallet Slayer. You get solid everyday protection with a design that’s slim and light with easy access to your cards. Plus, it’s hard not to appreciate the fun name and style. All this in an affordable package makes it easily our top pick.

If an elegant folio is more your style, Snakehive’s Vintage Leather Wallet is an excellent premium option. The handcrafted leather is gorgeous and feels great in the hand. It’s available in a nice collection of colors, from traditional Chestnut Brown to a unique and fun Bottle Green.

Of course, as amazing as genuine leather feels, it doesn’t come cheap. That’s where Suanpot’s case comes in, providing good value for folks who like the leather look but don’t want to pay for the real thing. The polyurethane leather on this one still has a nice feel, although it won’t age with the same rich patina as true handcrafted leather.

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