Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra cases in 2023

Your shiny new superphone needs the ultimate in protection and practicality

It might seem like a minor upgrade on paper, but the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is actually a huge improvement over the last model, especially for users outside the United States. Those international phone versions take full advantage of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, which is wrapped up in a pretty and durable package of Gorilla Glass Victus 2 and armored aluminum.

Despite being strong, the phone is still easy to damage, so you’ll want to put a case on it to help keep it running smoothly for longer. Of course, you can also add one of the best Galaxy S23 Ultra screen protectors for even more protection.

  • spigen-cryo-armor-galaxy-s23-ultra

    Source: Spigen

    Spigen Cryo Armor for Galaxy S23 Ultra

    Best overall

    Spigen gives you plenty of cases to choose from, but power users will want to throw their lot in with the Cryo Armor. Not only is it multi-layered for extra protection, but the case also includes ArcticFlow technology to help keep your device running at peak performance temperatures by pulling the heat away from the phone, allowing you to game for much longer without having to worry about overheating and taking a performance hit.

  • Bellroy-S23-Ultra

    Source: Bellroy

    Bellroy Leather Case For Galaxy S23 Ultra

    Premium pick

    If you love the feel of leather on the back of your device, then the Bellroy leather case is a solid choice. The color choices here aren’t our favorite, but the brown, drabby green, and basic black are good enough to get the job done. The leather is also surrounded by nice plastic edge work, which helps keep the leather from peeling or tearing at the edges.

  • Ringke-Fusion-S23-Ultra

    Source: Ringke

    Ringke Fusion for Galaxy S23 Ultra

    Best value

    The problems with clear cases are that they’re often very prone to picking up smudges, and their super glossy appearance can be distracting. However, the Ringke Fusion avoids a lot of these issues by going with a clear matte coating inside, helping you keep things a bit tidier while still showing off the back of your new S23 Ultra.

  • Supcase-UB-S23-Ultra

    Source: Supcase

    Supcase Unicorn Beetle for Galaxy S23 Ultra

    Promoted pick

    In partnership with Supcase

    It’s hard not to include the Supcase UB Pro on lists like these because it’s such a great case. But the S23 Ultra is already a hefty piece of tech, and sometimes, slimming down things a bit can be the better option. With the Supcase Unicorn Beetle, you still get all the protection you would expect from a heavy-duty case, but it’s much more streamlined.

  • UAG-pylo-S23-Ultra

    Source: UAG

    UAG Pylo Pro For Galaxy S23 Ultra

    Of the three Galaxy S23 magnetic case series from UAG, the Pylo Pro is the most affordable and distinct. UAG’s choice to use hexagonally shaped rings helps it stand out from the pack, and the bumper design still allows for up to 16-foot impact resistance. That bumper can either come in clear or a somewhat shiny Ash gray, which offers a slightly more refined look as it obscures the patterning and air cushions inside the corners.

  • VRS-S23-Ultra

    Source: VRS

    VRS Design Damda Glide Pro for Galaxy S23 Ultra

    $23 $30 Save

    Folio cases are pretty popular, but if we had to choose between one or the other, we’d definitely side with VRS Design’s Damda Glide series. Not only does it fit more cards and cash than most folio wallet cases, but it also closes perfectly every time, thanks to the semi-automatic sliding mechanism. It does bulk up the S23 Ultra quite a bit, though that’s easy to justify since you won’t have to carry your wallet around too.

  • Casetify-S23-Ultra

    Source: Casetify

    Casetify Impact Series for Galaxy S23 Ultra

    If you’re a big fan of showcasing artwork of your favorite characters on your phone, you’ll want to check out Casetify’s various Co-Labs, which feature several license properties to show off on the back of your phone. On top of offering superb artwork and collaborative patterns, Casetify’s Impact series is also really good at protecting your device without adding a ton of extra bulk to it.

  • iblason-cosmo-galaxy-s23-ultra

    Source: i-Blason

    i-Blason Cosmo Series for Galaxy S23 Ultra

    Promoted pick

    In partnership with i-Blason

    The mosaic of swirled marble that the Cosmo Series became known for is iconic, but all trends must shift and evolve. This year, i-Blason is beefing up its Cosmo collection with new styles. From the contrasting appeal of the Blue Swirl and silver against your phone’s colorway to doodled hearts, there’s new flair here that won’t completely cover up your Galaxy S23 Ultra’s beauty the way the Marble versions might. And if you’re mad for marble, those colors are still available.

  • Incipio-S23-Ultra

    Source: Incipio

    Incipio Duo for Galaxy S23 Ultra

    Incipio is better known for its Grip case, but for the S23 Ultra, you should skip that bulkier, more expensive model and opt for the cleaner, lighter, and grippier Incipio Duo. As the name implies, this is another dual-layer case with a flexible inner sleeve and a hard outer shell for stability and support. The vertical grooves along the edges feel better in hand than the Grip’s raised cross-hatching and should help you easily get the phone in and out of your pocket.

  • Ghostek Exec case for Galaxy S23 Ultra

    Source: Ghostek

    Ghostek Exec for Galaxy S23 Ultra

    While Ghostek once used a proprietary clip system with its Exec wallet cases, they’ve upgraded to MagSafe these days. It allows for easier application and removal of the wallet and gives you the option to swap the black wallet for a third-party wallet with more color or pizzazz. The pink/white combo won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but the Gray and Black colorways get the job done while staying under the radar.

  • Samsung-clear-S23-Ultra

    Source: Samsung

    Samsung Clear Gadget for Galaxy S23 Ultra

    The Ultra Clear Gadget Case for the Galaxy S23 lets you snap a phone ring cam kickstand on and off your phone as desired while fully showing off your Galaxy S23 Ultra’s exclusive colors and that “improved curve” to the backplate and frame. You’ll definitely pay a bit more for a Samsung case, but it will be laser fitted to your phone and possibly even more interesting once the swappable wallet and “gadgets” arrive later this year.

  • Poetic-spartan-S23-Ultra

    Source: Poetic

    Poetic Spartan for Galaxy S23 Ultra

    The Poetic Spartan has a more metallic finish than the glossier Revolution. It also features polyurethane leather accents to break up the otherwise monotonous backplate, giving you better color options. And like i-Blason, Poetic includes two front frames: one with and one without a built-in screen protector, as the built-in screen protector can interfere with the S Pen.

  • Otterbox-UB-S23-Ultra

    Source: Otterbox

    OtterBox Symmetry Series For Galaxy S23 Ultra

    The first name in heavy-duty cases almost doubled the available colorways for its Symmetry Series Galaxy S23 Ultra cases. We get two translucent colors, two clear cases — one crystal clear and one glitter — four solid colors, and one green graphic design. It’s nice to see Otterbox step more into bold aesthetic styles after years of only solid colors in its Android offerings.

  • Torro-S23-Ultra

    Source: Torro

    Torro Premium Leather Wallet Case For Galaxy S23 Ultra

    Torro makes cases for the smaller S23 models, but it pulled out all the stops for the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s leather wallet case. While the brown and black leather versions are fairly standard among the brand, we also get a wonderful Navy Blue, which helps the iconic Torro Red accents pop even more. Inside this genuine leather case are three card slots and a cash flap. The magnetic clasps help avoid any possible overlap with that lowered power button, too.

  • Itskins-clear-S23-Ultra

    Source: Itskins

    Itskins Spectrum R Clear for Galaxy S23 Ultra

    Itskins has made a brilliant case with the Spectrum R, the nicest clear case I’ve ever used. The corners are raised to protect the front and rear glass from impacts, and the honeycomb mesh frame doesn’t just help with impact dissipation — it looks fantastic. I’ve been using this for over a week with my red S23 Ultra, and the red back and black frame look great. If you have a lavender S23, the purple-tinted version will look perfect.

  • Spigen-ultra-S23-Ultra

    Source: Spigen

    Spigen Ultra Hybrid Zero One for Galaxy S23 Ultra

    $19 $35 Save

    Spigen does a great job of offering cases that are both protective and that stand out among the crowded lists of phone cases available for the S23 Ultra. The stylized illustrations on the back of the Ultra Hybriar Zero One show off what your phone’s insides could look like, and the clear elements on the case help show off your device’s base color. It’s a unique look that is sure to help you kick off conversations with new people.

Samsung’s best phone gets everyone’s best cases

The S23 Ultra is definitely the fanciest of the S23 models, which means it gets a ton of attention from case makers. This release brought several new cases from Spigen, as well as UAG’s first MagSafe-style case and even a new Cosmo series case from i-Blason. With so many great options to choose from, it’s not easy to narrow it down, but we did.

The Spigen Cryo Armor is our favorite overall case at the moment and for good reason. The case’s cooling system might not be added protection, but for such a powerful phone, it’s nice to be able to get the excess heat out easily. The case is somewhat thin but still provides an amazing amount of protection from bumps and even most drops. Our premium pick comes in with Bellroy’s Leather S23 Ultra case, and while it isn’t the best drop protection, it offers a sleek appearance that will help prevent scratches without adding any extra bulk to your device. It also feels superb while using it, and it’s a really great choice, even at its asking price.

Finally, those who want to get the most bang for their buck will find that the Ringke Fusion is a solid toss-up between value and protection. The clear design of the case shows off the phone well — something that many of you might be into. It’s also made with a matte clear coat, which means extra protection from smudges and fingerprints. Or, if you really need a case that can take a beating, dress it up in one of the best heavy-duty S23 Ultra cases.

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