Best Samsung Galaxy S23+ heavy-duty cases in 2023

By now, every tech-savvy person knows just how awesome the Galaxy S23+ is. The phone sports decent performance, complimented by the perfect build. But as you’d expect, these perks don’t come free of charge. You’ll have to burn a tad bit of cash to get them. And when you’re spending this much money on a smartphone, it’s only natural — and wise — to want to give it the utmost protection against damage.

That’s where protective covers come in. Although there are myriad everyday Samsung Galaxy S23+ cases, opting for a rugged cover will do a better job of safeguarding your device from harm. Not to mention the ones in our collection will also look fantastic doing it!

Regular cases vs. heavy-duty protective covers

We spend tens of dollars on cases for the main purpose of reinforcing our phones to survive unforeseen disasters. But while that’s the primary goal of investing in a phone cover, it’s not necessarily the only criterion of interest. Phone cases are designed to be shock-absorbent, but this comes with an increase in the thickness and bulkiness of your device. And depending on the circumstances surrounding the usage of your phone, there’s only so much heftiness you need — or can tolerate. That’s why investing in a heavy-duty protective cover isn’t the right choice for some people.

Generally, regardless of whether you opt for a regular case or a rugged protective cover, there’ll always be lots of gorgeous options to choose from. The issue of concern, however, is the level of protection each pick offers. Typically, heavy-duty cases provide the utmost protection against damage and are the bulkiest. Most of them even sport extra protective features like port covers and in-built screen protectors. But not everyone needs this level of defense for their phone.

If you’re particularly prone to accidents, or you take part in sports regularly and often use your phone outdoors, you’ll want to invest in a heavy-duty case. Otherwise, you’re probably better off settling for a less-costly, classic case, or even a MagSafe Galaxy S23+ case. Nonetheless, if you still desire the extra peace of mind, you can opt for a sleek, stylish dual-layer case that strikes the right balance between sleekness and ruggedness. And in such a scenario, the Gear4 London, Poetic Neon, and Spigen Tough Armor are excellent choices.

The top rugged Galaxy S23+ cases

When it comes to safeguarding your precious Galaxy S23+, there’s no shortage of fantastic heavy-duty cases to choose from, each with its unique style and qualities. But among the multitude of available options, the Zagg Gear4 London stands out as our favorite. The case not only provides above-average defense for your phone, but it also adds a touch of elegance to its appearance. And considering its price isn’t too crazy, getting it won’t drain too much of your spending power.

If you do not mind spending so much to get the absolute best cover for your S23+, we suggest going for the UAG Monarch Kevlar. The case is pretty remarkable in its defenses. We’re talking protection against shattered glass, rough handling, and even harrowing 20ft drops. And despite these qualities, it doesn’t deprive your phone of any functionality, especially access to ports and buttons and compatibility with wireless charging.

On the other hand, if you desire unmatched protection for your device but do not want to spend a fortune on a rugged case, you can opt for the Spigen Tough Armor or the i-Blason Armorbox cases. Both are exquisite covers that offer remarkable protection against drops and impacts. Nevertheless, the i-Blason case has a bit of the upper hand in terms of comprehensive safety and convenience, featuring an in-built screen protector and an ergonomic kickstand.

Although these phone covers are our preferred heavy-duty options for the S23+, we understand that individual preferences may differ. Therefore, we encourage you to explore all the other cases in our collection before deciding which to settle with. Look out for the Casetify Impact Series if you’re a fan of artsy designs, the UAG Plyo cover if transparent cases are your thing, and the Oterkin case if you desire waterproof protection. But no matter the case you get, ensure you reinforce your display with a screen guard, be it a built-in-case shield or a stand-alone Galaxy S23+ screen protector.

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