Best Nook GlowLight 4/4e cases in 2023

You have a new Glowlight 4, now its time to protect your e-reader with one of these quality cases

E-readers have been around for a while now, and are still the second-best way to read books. (Nothing beats a paperback, right?) And while it’s true that the Amazon Kindle is often the first choice for those getting into the big, (but not necessarily bad) world of e-book readers, a sizable number of users also buck the trend to choose alternatives like the Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight 4 and its less expensive sibling the GlowLight 4e. Since their release, these affordable Nook e-readers have largely received positive reviews from critics.

However, GlowLight 4 series owners must grapple with the lack of quality cases for the devices. While Barnes & Noble does sell official cases, there aren’t enough cool or funky options to go around. Despite this fact, it’s possible to protect your GlowLight 4 and 4e with this best case line-up, whether you’re looking for simple and affordable or fashionable.

  • Fintie Folio Case for Nook GlowLight 4/4e

    Best overall

    $12 $13 Save

    The Fintie Folio Case for Nook GlowLight 4/4e sticks to the basics and surprisingly gets almost all of them right. Despite its low price, this folio-style case has features like a magnetic closure mechanism and a soft interior finish that prevents e-readers from getting scratched when applied or removed. Besides the standard black colorway, the product is offered in multiple fun patterns.

  • Red kwmobile Case for Nook GlowLight 4:4e with a heart design on a white background

    kwmobile Case for Nook GlowLight 4/4e

    Premium pick

    If you wish to get the best possible protection for your GlowLight 4/4e and don’t mind paying a slight premium for the privilege, the kwmobile case might just be ideal. Besides keeping your Glowlight protected from drops and bumps, this case also spices up the e-reader’s look thanks to its eye-catching design. As expected of a premium case, it supports the auto sleep/wake function, has a magnetic closure mechanism, and has a handy easel-style stand.

  • Sky Blue ACdream Case for Nook GlowLight 4:4e on a white background

    Source: ACdream

    ACdream Case for Nook GlowLight 4/4e

    Best value

    Are you on the verge of exhausting your budget after purchasing the GlowLight 4? Don’t worry; you can still protect your investment with this affordable case from ACdream. The lightweight faux leather case is stylish and reinforced with a hardback cover to shield your reader from bumps, scratches, and minor drops. It also has a convenient hand strap, making it both stable and portable.

  • Mosaic-style kwmobile case for Nook GlowLight 4:4e on a white background

    kwmobile Multicolor Case for Nook GlowLight 4/4e

    Best looks

    E-reader cases are a dime a dozen, so it’s hard to find one that stands out from the crowd. Surprisingly, kwmobile has done a decent job of offering this very capable, feature-loaded Nook GlowLight 4 case in multiple design options, like this beautiful mosaic pattern. This case’s notable features include a magnetic closure mechanism and support for Nook’s Auto sleep/wake functions.

  • Red Rose NOOK GlowLight 4 and 4e Official Cover on a white background

    NOOK GlowLight 4 and 4e Official Cover

    The official Barnes & Noble case is ideal for those hesitant to use third-party cases. It’s available in a fun color array but stands out even more for its exceptional build quality and extensive features. A secure magnetic tab and a water-resistant lining that provides basic spill and splash protection are among its unmissable attributes. The case’s premium design and practical functionality ensure the GlowLight 4/4e is safeguarded in style.

  • BOZHUORUI Stand Case for Nook Glowlight 4:4e with a bookcase print on a white background

    Source: Bozhuorui

    Bozhuorui Stand Case for Nook GlowLight 4/4e

    Looking for a Nook GlowLight 4 and 4e case that stands up, stands out, and withstands some hardships? The Bozhuorui Stand Case is a great choice. It’s available in several fun prints and has an easel-style stand, much like a picture frame, for hands-free viewing. Its body is also fingerprint and scratch-resistant, and there’s a convenient magnetic closure mechanism. To top it all off, the case has a soft microfiber inner lining, adding another protective layer.

  • Black Fintie SlimShell Case for Nook GlowLight 4:4e on a white background

    Fintie SlimShell Case for Nook GlowLight 4/4e

    $13 $15 Save

    Sometimes cases can be bulky, but this is not true of Fintie’s discreet SlimShell case for the Nook GlowLight 4 or the 4e. Despite its lightweight construction, the case doesn’t compromise on quality, providing excellent scratch and bump protection with its durable faux leather and PC exterior. And the soft, microfiber-clad interior safeguards the display. Fintie offers this case in various color options to complement any style and has a magnetic clasp for additional safety.

Protect your GlowLight 4/4e with the best-of-the-best cases

At first glance, most of the case options for the GlowLight 4/4e look quite similar, with only marginal differences separating them. Upon closer inspection, however, you’d notice that there are subtle differences when it comes to features, design, material quality, and pricing. Depending on your preferences, some of these attributes may be more important than others. That’s why there’s a variety on this list.

But there is a GlowLight 4 case that might appeal to most, the Fintie Folio Case. Its versatile, reliable design excels in its primary goal: protecting the Nook e-reader. For those concerned about the basic black color, Fintie offers the case in many color options.

While e-book reader cases are not known for being ridiculously expensive, there are a handful of products in the category that command a premium price tag — usually because of their features, looks, and overall quality. The kwmobile Case for Nook GlowLight 4/4e fits that bill perfectly. It looks good — reason alone for a recommendation — but features a shell with shock-absorbing capabilities. Yes, it is twice as expensive as our top pick, but why settle for anything less when you can afford it?

The ACdream Case is at the other end of the spectrum. It does a stellar job of protecting your GlowLight 4/4e from damage but doesn’t overcharge you for the benefit. The product’s chic looks only sweeten the deal. But if none of our top picks interest you, there are some alternative options like the Fintie SlimShell Case and the Bozhuorui Stand Case that are worth a second glance.

While it’s true that the perfect GlowLight 4/4e case ultimately depends on your individual needs and preferences, this selection can certainly help you narrow down the options.

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