Best Google Pixel Watch screen protectors in 2023

Protect your Google Pixel Watch’s display by adding one of these excellent screen protectors

Since its release, the Google Pixel Watch continues to be one of the best Android smartwatches you can buy, and not just because of the hardware. The overall high-end styling of the Pixel Watch has blown many users away, and with such a desirable and appealing look, it’s hard to resist. But such a delicate design can’t stay as dazzling as the first day unless you’re keeping it well protected, and smartphones aren’t the only gadgets begging for screen protection.

Investing in a screen protector will keep your Google Pixel Watch looking beautiful and safe from knocks, scratches, and everyday wear and tear. Naturally, this protection comes in a range of materials, prices, and designs, so we’ve compiled this list to help narrow down the choices of the best screen protectors for your Google Pixel Watch.

  • Tauri Google Pixel Watch Case

    Source: Tauri

    Tauri Hard Case and Screen Protector for Google Pixel Watch

    Best overall

    If you’re unsatisfied with covering up your Pixel Watch’s screen, this clear package could be the one for you. Its wraparound hard case guards against any damage that may be done to the watch’s bezels while still allowing usual button and crown access. Most importantly, the screen protector is tempered glass, offering great protection while preserving high color accuracy.

  • Flokinice pixel watch screen protector-2

    Source: Flokinice

    Flokinice Screen Protector for Google Pixel Watch

    Premium pick

    While many of the screen protectors on this list are made of film, this one is different: tempered glass. This material may be more expensive, but we believe it’s worth every penny thanks to the superior light transmittance and superior protection it provides. The screen guard’s coating is lyophobic and oleophobic, preventing smears, smudges, scratches, and dings.

  • hasdon google pixel screen protector case-1

    Source: HASDON

    Hasdon Matte Case and Screen Protector for Google Pixel Watch

    Best value

    This bundle is a good value as it features a tempered glass protector at a lower price than usual and includes a replacement in the box just in case. The snap-on protective bumper that clips around the bezels has an on-trend matte black finish and will keep your watch safe from bumps and knocks while letting you use the buttons and the crown normally; in fact, you don’t even need to remove it to charge the device.

  • armorsuit google pixel watch screen protector-4

    Source: ArmorSuit

    ArmorSuit Screen Protector for Google Pixel Watch

    Best TPU option

    The ultra-thin screen protectors in this six-pack cater exactly to the contours of your watch, even ensuring coverage on the timepiece’s curved bezels. Each protector is made of durable and flexible thermoplastic urethane film described as military-grade and even boasts self-healing technology that easily eliminates minor scratches.

  • EGV google pixel watch screen rpotector-2

    Source: EVG

    EGV Screen Protector for Google Pixel Watch

    These film screen protectors not only keep your watch safe from scratches but are also particularly easy to use if you tend to find it fiddly to apply flexible screen guards. Not only is there an installation video available to watch beforehand, but the self-healing technology will also help make any unsightly bubbles disappear within twenty-four hours of its application.

  • shenou google pixel watch screen protector-2

    Source: Amazon

    Shenou Case and Screen Protector for Google Pixel Watch

    There are six colors to choose from if you opt for this attractive case and screen protector: black, green, dark blue, starlight, pink, and rose gold. But this product’s appeal is more than skin deep since it offers a tempered glass screen guard and shock-absorbent wraparound case intended to keep your wearable safe from sweat, water, scratches, and other damaging factors.

  • nanw google pixel watch screen protector-1

    Source: NANW

    NANW Soft Bumper Case and Screen Protector for Google Pixel Watch

    If you’re not a fan of tempered glass but would like your Pixel Watch to be guarded at all angles, this screen protector and case option could be just right for you. Each of the four items in the pack will offer full protection of the watch face, and the material is said to be skin-friendly so as not to irritate your wrist as you wear it.

  • ruentech google pixel watch screen protector case-1

    Source: Ruentech

    RuenTech Case and Screen Protector for Google Pixel Watch

    The electroplate finish will be the first thing to catch your eye with this protective product; it stands out from the crowd and will give your watch a makeover. However, that’s far from all it offers; the case snaps easily onto the watch, and the TPU covering the screen will guard against unsightly scratches.

  • Spectre Shield Screen Protector for Google Pixel Watch

    Spectre Shield Screen Protector for Google Pixel Watch

    Without a doubt, the Spectre Shield screen protector for the Google Pixel Watch is the most affordable, and if you’ve only got a couple of dollars to spare, there’s no downside to purchasing this 8-pack of screen protectors. They fit nicely and look virtually invisible when installed on the watch face. If you accidentally mess up with one install, don’t fret; there are seven more protectors to go.

The best Google Pixel Watch screen protectors

If you’ve already purchased or are planning to buy a Google Pixel Watch, you no doubt want to keep it as pristine as possible. However, with all the screen protector options, finding just the right one for you can be difficult.

If you want nothing less than the best overall protection, the Tauri Hard Case and Screen Protector for Google Pixel Watch is our first choice. Unlike most of the other entries on the above list, this product also includes a hard bumper case around the watch bezels, giving the sides protection as well as the screen. You’ll be able to use the watch normally, but some might find that the bulkier profile detracts a little from the Pixel Watch’s aesthetic.

If you’re looking for a screen protector without a hard case, we’d go for the Flokinice Screen Protector for Google Pixel Watch. Tempered glass generally offers better results than TPU film, offering better protection and color accuracy, so you can enjoy the watch’s display without risking scratches or scrapes.

If a good value is your priority, consider the ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Screen Protector. With this package, you’ll get six TPU screen protectors for just over $10. It’s a good bang for your buck and ensures that you always have a replacement ready should you lose one. Of course, a screen protector isn’t the only useful accessory for your new smartwatch. The best Pixel Watch bands can offer your watch a fresh, new look with many materials and designs available.

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