Best Google Pixel 7a cases in 2023

Whether you want a slim, colorful, thick, or MagSafe-compatible case, one of these will protect your new Pixel 7a

The Google Pixel A-series of phones is consistently one of the best budget Android phones available, thanks to its combination of hardware and software. When Google launched the Pixel 6a, it changed up its formula a bit and went with its flagship Tensor processor to give it an astounding performance-to-price ratio. This year, Google upped the ante again by giving the Pixel 7a its top-of-the-line Tensor G2 processor, a flagship-level camera system, and bumping the display to 90Hz.

While Google made the Pixel 7a slightly more expensive, it is no longer just a value phone. It’s a flagship in its own right that can serve you well for years. One way to keep it looking great for the duration of its life is by keeping it protected from the more clumsy moments in life. The Pixel 7a has almost every type of case you could imagine, and there is surely one here to match your needs.

  • Poetic Neon for Pixel 7a

    Best overall

    Case trends come and go, but the dual-layer hybrid never dies. While every manufacturer and their mother makes one, the Poetic Neon is my favorite for several reasons. For instance, grip pads and a rubberized accent ring make it easy to keep hold of without being a lint magnet, and bright, two-tone color schemes leave a bold impact that competitors from Spigen and OtterBox can’t match.

  • Dbrand Grip Case for Pixel 7a in TMNT Michelangelo

    Source: D

    dbrand Grip for Pixel 7a

    Premium pick

    Dbrand’s Grip Case offers you the best of both worlds: you get the sturdy grip and careful corner cushions of a heavy-duty case and the customization of applying a new case skin when you get bored with your current design. For example, if you opt for TMNP (Teenage Mutant Ninja Pixels), it comes with four different camera bar skins, allowing your 7a to be any or all of your favorite pizza-loving turtles. The holographic Warzone and Acid also look sublime.

  • Ringke Fusion for Pixel 7a

    Ringke Fusion for Pixel 7a

    Best value

    Most clear cases are crystal clear and super-reflective, including the standard clear Ringke Fusion. But smooth, transparent surfaces tend to show every spec of dust, dried sweat, and dead skin. The Matte Clear version of the Fusion allows you to avoid this, and the more frosted matte glass back also lightly obscures details on the Pixel 7a’s back. So you can get the simpler Clear case or the more refined Matte Clear.

  • Supcase UB Pro for Pixel 7a

    Supcase UB Pro for Pixel 7a

    Promoted pick

    The Supcase UB Pro is a very durable and highly protective case for your Pixel 7a. The layered polycarbonate and TPU materials give this case 20 feet of drop protection. There’s also 360-degree protection due to the built-in screen protector, which keeps your display free from scratches. The case includes a belt clip holster and an integrated kickstand to round out its versatility.

  • Ghostek Exec Pixel 7a Case

    Ghostek Exec for Pixel 7a

    Once a dedicated, semi-awkward wallet case, the Ghostek Exec is now a seemingly standard heavy-duty case that comes with a nondescript detachable wallet and MagSafe support. While the Pixel 7a only supports 5W wireless charging, it’s still nice to be able to use the alignment assistance of MagSafe — as well as the ability to swap out the wallet for a kickstand or grip as desired.

  • Bellroy Leather Case for Pixel 7a

    Bellroy Leather Case for Pixel 7a

    If you are looking to add a little style to your Pixel 7a, this leather-wrapped Bellroy case should do the trick. This very slim case features edge-to-edge leather and a soft microfiber lining for a protective but light build; however, durability shouldn’t be an issue as the eco-tanned leather will only improve with age. Moreover, the case is even wireless charging compatible.

  • Spigen Ultra Hybrid ZeroOne for Pixel 7a

    Source: Spigen

    Spigen Ultra Hybrid for Pixel 7a

    $18 $40 Save

    While the Spigen Ultra Hybrid also comes in two clear case versions, the ZeroOne is by far the most unique and appealing of the series. Emulating an internal teardown while sticking to a monochromatic palette and cleaner lines for the various modules and connectors, this graphic case is the Goldilocks of case sizes: it’s not too thick to be bulky, but not so thin it can’t take a beating. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid ZeroOne gets nerdy while staying classy.

  • Peak Design Everyday for Pixel 7a

    Peak Design Everyday for Pixel 7a

    Best known for its backpacks and camera gear, Peak Design also happens to make some seriously sweet phone cases. The Everyday case series is designed to integrate perfectly with the company’s Peak Design Mobile mounts and accessories. MagSafe compatibility is built-in, too, so you can take advantage of two worlds of grips, stands, and more in one fabric-covered case.

  • Caseology Nano Pop for Pixel 7a

    Caseology Nano Pop for Pixel 7a

    $17 $27 Save

    The Caseology Nano Pop features a playful two-tone color design and great drop protection thanks to its polycarbonate and TPU build materials; Caseology tested this case by dropping it 26 times from a height of 4 feet. It has a soft feel that remains lint and dust-free in your pockets, and raised edges keep your screen and camera protected. The case is also wireless charging compatible.

  • Ringke-Onyx-Pixel-7a-Case

    Ringke Onyx for Pixel 7a

    Perfectly walking the knife’s edge between being too basic to look good and too textured to be comfortable, Ringke’s Onyx offers up grip and light impact resistance while remaining subtle in style. The back’s pattern offers grip without getting in the way of any PopSockets or grips you may use, while the sides use a more discerning dot-matrix grip pattern.

  • Otterbox Commuter for Pixel 7a

    Otterbox Commuter for Pixel 7a

    $30 $40 Save

    OtterBox is a time-tested brand that you can trust to give you the ultimate in phone protection. As such, its Commuter Series gives you a pocket-friendly design with enhanced grip and three times the drop protection of the military standard. In addition, it has a soft inner cover and a hard polycarbonate shell to keep your Pixel 7a free from getting any scrapes or scratches.

  • Pela Case for Pixel 7a

    Pela Case for Pixel 7a

    $50 $60 Save

    Case makers try to offset their massive ecological impact by being made of some percentage of recycled plastic, but Pela’s cases are the most earth-friendly on the market. Climate Neutral certified, 100% compostable, and available in over a dozen nature-inspired designs from mushrooms to mountains, this smooth-as-silk case won’t let you down.

  • TORRAS Magnetic Guardian for Google Pixel 7a

    TORRAS Magnetic Guardian for Google Pixel 7a

    Torras is giving you all the bells and whistles with its Magnetic Guardian Case. This case gives you military-grade drop protection with its internal air bumpers and strong external rubber edges. It has a 1.5mm raised edge to protect your display and a 1.1mm raised bezel to protect your camera. This case even has a built-in magnet allowing you to utilize all of your favorite MagSafe accessories. 

  • Case-Mate Slim Fit for Pixel 7a

    Case-Mate Slim Fit for Pixel 7a

    The Case-Mate Slim Case for your Pixel 7a will show off your more playful side. The bottom half of this clear case has embedded glitter foil that reflects light to give it different colors at different angles. With its 12 feet of drop protection, this case is as protective as it’s easy on the eyes. It is also wireless charging compatible and made from recycled materials.

  • Torro Genuine Leather Wallet for Pixel 7a

    Torro Genuine Leather Wallet for Pixel 7a

    Want to carry your cards and cash with the Pixel 7a but prefer a more classic, sophisticated look? Torro’s genuine leather cases provide a cash flap and three card slots, and everything stays safely shut with the wraparound clasp. Black with red stitching also makes the Torro a perfect match for the Coral 7a.

  • Spigen Liquid Air for Pixel 7a

    Source: Spigen

    Spigen Liquid Air for Pixel 7a

    $18 $25 Save

    Available in Black and Abyss Green, this slim-ish Pixel 7a case gives us the air cushions needed to protect against falls and the added grip to help ensure that drop protection is never tested. The diagonal hatching across the side bumpers makes it easy to keep the 7a firmly in hand while the triangular etching across the back is deep enough to provide protection while still staying shallow enough to support PopSockets and other stick-on accessories.

Keep a great phone looking fantastic

The Google Pixel 7a isn’t just one of the best budget phones available; it is undoubtedly one of the best Android phones available. As one of the best phones on the market, it is only fitting that it has a fantastic selection of cases.

The Poetic Neon is for those who want the best balance of protection, prestige, and beauty. You get a hybrid design that offers awesome drop resistance and a two-tone color scheme second to none. If you want something more customizable but just as durable, the Dbrand Grip case is perfect, as long as you aren’t afraid to spend a little more. Dbrand is well known for letting you customize your device with its awesome skins. Plus, its cases come with cushioned corners.

If you want to keep things simple and show off the natural beauty of the Pixel 7a, the Ringke Fusion has you covered. This clear case is smooth and transparent, letting you display your device as Google intended. If you want the ultimate protection, look no further than the Supcase UB Pro. Its blend of polycarbonate and TPU materials — as well as a built-in screen protector — will give you the ultimate protection.

There are also a bunch of other more specialized cases available. For example, if you want a wallet case, the Ghostek Exec or Torro genuine leather wallet cases would be perfect. Or, if you need a MagSafe-compatible case, go for the Torras Magnetic Guardian. If you prefer a case with a more premium and business-class vibe, opt for the Bellroy leather case.

No matter your use cases, an excellent case is available for you. Once you grab one to fit your style, make sure to protect the display with one of the best screen protectors for the Pixel 7a.

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