Best Fitbit Charge 5 bands in 2023

You don’t have to settle for just one band to outfit your Fitbit Charge 5 when there are so many others to choose from

Fitbit has been well known within the fitness community and even the general population for bringing forward some of the best fitness trackers on the market. One of these great trackers is the Fitbit Charge 5, and while some might even consider it a smartwatch due to its features and performance, the Charge 5 is really a power cell of a fitness tracker. The screen is so colorful and brilliant that it lends to the overall clean look of this device. With this fashionable piece of tech adorned on your wrist, it’s easier than ever to change out the bands for everyday accessorizing.

Given the Charge 5’s popularity, it’s not hard to find an extra band or two for your collection. However, as with many accessories, not all bands are worth putting your money towards. Since there are so many options, there are several lesser-quality choices to avoid. With that in mind, we’ve taken the time to compile a list of some of the best options available. Whether you’re after a specific material such as leather for more optimal comfort or seeking a variety of options for multiple occasions, you can’t go wrong with any of these choices.

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    MIJOBS Metal Band

    Editor’s choice

    The MIJOBS Metal Band comes at a very affordable price that belies its otherwise slick aesthetic, thanks in large part to the stainless steel that keeps it looking fresh all the time. Flexible, yet sturdy all at once, it’s the kind of every day or any day band that fits in well no matter where you choose to wear it because of how breathable and adaptable it is.

  • Fitbit-charge-5-black-leather-1

    Source: Fitbit

    Fitbit Horween Leather Band

    Premium pick

    $30 $50 Save

    This is the band you wrap around your wrist when you want to give your Charge 5 more of a professional look. Horween leather fits no matter where you go. Classy, comfortable, and credible, Fitbit puts these bands through the tanning process in Chicago before they end up on people’s wrists out in the wild. You have the choice between large or small sizes and black or plum colors.

  • OMEE-soft-silicone-bands-charge-5

    Source: Amazon

    OMEE Soft Silicone Bands

    Best value

    Silicone bands can take punishment when you sweat all over them. If you think durability and longevity could pose a problem, just get 12 of them in one shot. Granted, OMEE’s variety isn’t exactly the same as Fitbit’s own silicone bands, but that’s fine. Volume means you have backups in more ways than one. With 12 colors, you can pretty much match one with whatever workout attire you’re going to wear.

  • Maledan-Breathable-bands-Charge-5-1

    Source: Amazon

    Maledan Breathable

    Just breathe

    If your wrists need some air, you could always go with bands filled with perforated holes to increase the airflow they might get. It doesn’t even have to be for rigorous workouts; maybe you just want to feel a little more exposed at all times. The Maleban Breathable bands come in 3-packs, in various color combinations, to give you some options for what suits your tastes.

  • Runostrich-Nylon-Band-Charge-5

    Source: Amazon


    Bands made from fabrics have their own charm, and they can easily fit in when you want a casual look at home, at work, or on vacation. The Runostrich comes in a five-pack and multiple color combinations for some variety. They’re made from nylon, with an elastic design that allows them to stretch and fit wrists ranging from 5.9 – 10.2 inches. A loop buckle holds everything in place.

  • Wearlizer-Elastic-Bands-Charge-5

    Source: Amazon


    Nylon is a popular option for companies making fabric bands, and the Wearlizer takes that same approach. However, in this case, the styling takes a decidedly floral and artistic turn. These bands are definitely “louder” in appearance, but they don’t have any unusual elements for how they fit. The band will stretch, so once you find the right fit (between 5.1 – 8.3 inches), just slip it on, and you’re good to go.

  • Mtozon-Leather-Band-Charge-5

    Source: Amazon

    Mtozon Leather Band

    If leather is your thing, and you like some old-school stitching, the Mtozon bands will give you both. These bands offer a classic look and come in a variety of colors that you don’t always see among other leather straps or bands. It’s a slightly narrower range in fit between 5.5 – 8.0 inches, though the lightweight feel should add some extra comfort when wearing the Charge 5 for more extended periods.

  • TenCloud-Metal-Watch-Link-Band-Charge-5

    Source: Amazon

    TenCloud Metal Watch Link Band

    Metal link bands are always classy, helping make any watch or tracker look nicer. While definitely not the most luxurious metal link band for the Charge 5, the value you get from this one TenCloud made is just as easy on the eyes. This band is made of stainless steel, so you can count on some durability; plus, you can adjust the size by using the extra pins to make the band smaller or larger.

  • Abanen-Crystal-Alloy-Bands-Fitbit-Charge-5

    Source: Amazon

    Abanen Crystal Alloy Bands

    The Charge 5 looks altogether different when you attach one of the lightweight Abanen Crystal Alloy Bands. Stainless steel ends link with the alloy band with crystals to give it some bling. It’s flashy without being ostentatious and goes on and off without much fuss. Just make sure you get the right size for your wrist, which is in the range of 5.9 – 7.68 inches.

  • Fintie-leather-Fitbit-Charge-5-band

    Fintie Leather Band

    Leather usually doesn’t come cheap, but consider how different the Charge 5 would look with a band like this. The Fintie Leather Band comes in four different colors, including a leopard print style if you want to make a statement or match it with an outfit. It will fit a pretty broad set of wrist sizes, ranging from 5.9 – 8.27 inches, and is just as easy to snap on or remove as other bands.

  • Enkic-Fitbit-Charge-5-band

    Enkic Elastic Nylon Band

    Getting the Enkic Elastic Nylon Band to fit shouldn’t be a problem, given how much it can stretch to accommodate your wrist. Its size range is expansive at 5.5 – 9.8 inches, with unisex color options. The stretchy nylon is soft on the skin to avoid irritation over longer periods wearing it, which is great for casual situations. It’s not necessarily something you’d want to wear working out, but you can always try it for lighter exercises.

Just a strap on the wrist

Starting with the in-box silicone band is just that: a start. Of course, not everyone is drawn to the feeling of silicone; perhaps the color just doesn’t go with every outfit, or you’re looking to change things up with more than one option. Extra bands for the Fitbit Charge 5 are easy to find and change, and with such a large variety, they make it a lot of fun to add a splash of personality to your looks.

For a seriously stylish look and comfortable feel without being too flashy, the Horween Leather Band stands out. The casual but potentially dressy look this design offers makes it perfect to wear at special occasions or even just for daily wear.

However, if leather isn’t your thing, you can take your style to an entirely different level with the MIJOBS Metal Band. This band offers a classic stainless steel mesh design that is both unassuming and slick. This potential head-turner is lighter weight than most metal bands you’ll find and makes for a less cumbersome feel on the wrist. For all things classy and flashy, the band is a definite go-to.

As for wearing something for everyday living — especially when it’s time to work out and break a sweat — call in some backup with the OMEE Soft Silicone Bands. You can get as many as 12 in one bundle, so if one doesn’t last or feel as great after a while, just swap it out for one of the others. You also get a variety of colors to match every outfit, so your band is never mismatched. In addition, you can wear these bands for any occasion, along with the many others listed above. Appealing to all sorts of styles and comforts, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect bands for your Fitbit Charge 5.

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