Best Buy could soon offer in-store Google Pixel repairs

Dealing with a broken smartphone is just the absolute worst. Thankfully, repair options slowly feel like they’ve been getting better, with companies warming up to things like DIY programs. Pixel owners have long grappled with the inconvenience of navigating Google’s historically inconsistent repair support, but now it sounds like a handy new option could be about to debut, with a report claiming that Best Buy is preparing to roll out in-store repairs for Google Pixel smartphones at select locations.



Sources speaking with 9to5Google indicate that Best Buy stores are currently training their staff on the skills necessary to perform Google Pixel repairs through the Geek Squad service. This would build upon Google’s pre-existing in-store repair alternatives, which are currently limited to Google’s brick-and-mortar stores in New York City and the widespread uBreakiFix locations across the United States.

In its arsenal of tech-support services, Best Buy already maintains in-store repair options for Apple’s iPhones and a selection of Samsung Galaxy devices, including foldable models, made possible through a direct collaboration with Samsung. News of this possible expansion into Google Pixel repairs could be seen as part of a strategic broadening of Best Buy’s service portfolio.

On a similar note, Google has made strides in supporting the right-to-repair movement, with a recent partnership with iFixit to furnish official DIY repair parts for the recently released Pixel Fold. This collaboration ensures the availability of genuine spare parts for Pixel Fold owners, including batteries, screens, and tools, along with detailed, step-by-step repair guides.

As for Best Buy’s possible Pixel repair services, sources suggest we may see them concentrated in larger stores in urban areas like New York City and Los Angeles, with the possibility of spreading to smaller cities over time. Don’t expect anything instantly available across all Best Buy locations. Insiders suggest that the store could get this program up and running as soon as next month.

While the exact pricing of these repair services remains under wraps, Best Buy’s current pricing model for Galaxy devices and iPhones could serve as an indicator, implying that screen replacements might hover around the $230 mark and battery replacements could cost under $100, depending on the model. Additionally, Best Buy’s membership program may allow a 20% discount on these costs. For now, the retailer has yet to make any official statement.

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