Best bike phone mounts in 2023

Get the most out of your bike with a quality phone mount

A good Android phone houses a wealth of essential functions. It’s a communication device, a high-definition camera, and navigational equipment all in one. This storage, information, and communication tool powers much of your daily life, so its protection is important, especially when it’s time to be active. Like, biking, perhaps. Securing a phone to one of these swift two-wheelers is exceedingly difficult. Fortunately, quite a few good safe, and sturdy bike phone mounts will keep you connected to your phone and your phone connected to your ride, and this list has plenty of them.

  • Quad Lock handlebar bike mount on a white background

    Source: Quad Lock

    Quad Lock Handlebar Mount

    Best overall

    Quad Lock’s handlebar bike mount straps your device directly against the handlebars, where it’s the most useful to you. The mount system can be rotated and is compatible with a range of handlebar diameters. Once attached, your phone is held in a rock-solid mounting bracket that’s both light and secure. Users can also add a front adapter to house a camera or headlight for increased utility.

  • Peak Design Out Front bike phone mount on a white background

    Source: Peak Design

    Peak Design Out Front Mount

    Premium pick

    The Out Front handlebar mount is built for tough riding. The rigid aluminum design offers a solid build quality that won’t let you down when you’re relying on it the most. This is a great option for riders who often divert from the well-worn trails or navigate congested, bumpy streets on their regular commute. And the swivel action also pivots phones for landscape or portrait view.

  • Peak Design Universal Bar Mount on a white background

    Source: Peak Design

    Peak Design Universal Bar Mount

    Best value

    Peak Design’s Universal Bar Mount has a flexible silicone strap that fastens the mounting tool to your handlebars. As a result, riders can secure their phone to virtually any handlebar construction, no matter the shape. So, it’s great for those who want to share the mount with a loved one, too. The mount is easy to move and provides a durable connection at a fraction of the price of many others.

  • Topeak Omni Ridecase DX on a white background

    Source: Topeak

    Topeak Omni Ridecase DX

    Solid alternative selection

    The Topeak Omni Ridecase DX combines a large back pad holster with silicone arms that wrap around the edges of your phone. This creates a solid locking fit for your device. The ratcheting mounting bracket is also a big source of stability, so you’ll have confidence in this mode’s secure hold. It wraps around the handlebars and can be dialed in for the perfect squeezing fit.

  • Rokform handlebar phone mount

    Source: Rokform

    Rokform Threaded Bike Mount

    This bike mount from Rokform doesn’t strap onto your handlebars but is threaded into the center stalk. It can be adjusted for the perfect vantage point and sways with your bike’s natural motion as you cruise. The mounting bracket provides a solid hold when paired with the Rokform case: It’s as simple as twisting your phone into place and countering the movement to remove it from the holster when you’ve completed your journey.

  • Roam Universal Bike Mount on a white background

    Source: Roam Universal

    Roam Universal Premium Bike Mount

    $13 $25 Save

    The Premium Bike Mount from Roam Universal features silicone edge arms that wrap around your phone and secure it in place. The clamp attaches to your bike’s handlebars with a threaded screw, and you can adjust the grip that holds your phone using two side clamping grips. The phone housing is attached to the mount with a ball joint, giving it ample room to move around for customized positioning.

  • Nite Ize Wraptor phone bike mount on a white background

    Source: Nite Ize

    Nite Ize Wraptor

    The Wraptor from Nite Ize offers silicone gripping power with a single-construction design. This design provides more security, but sadly, it doesn’t look incredibly stylish. Still, it’s function over looks here. The unit offers a high-quality grip throughout your ride. The frame rotates as well, allowing for landscape orientation.

  • rockbros bike phone bag on a bike frame on a white background

    Source: ROCKBROS

    ROCKBROS Bike Phone Bag

    The ROCKBROS phone case takes a different approach to mounting your phone for bike riding. The bag straps to the center bar (rather than the handlebars), placing your phone in a lower position that isn’t quite as affected by wind. However, the location could make it harder to view while in motion, so it’ll come down to personal preference. The phone bag also protects your device from rain and includes a pocket for other essential gear like your wallet or keys.

The best phone mounts need to offer a reliable hold

All of these bike mount options are reliable. Each one provides a secure fit for your phone and keeps it safe while you’re on the streets or trails. Bike routes and cycling data have improved in recent years on Google Maps, and a rising number of urban professionals cycle to work for convenience and commitment to positive climate impact. But to make this change, a mounting system is necessary for keeping your phone readily available. From the phone bag to the aluminum chassis of the Out Front mount, each of these tools provides a snug fit for your phone by grabbing your case or wrapping around the screen edges.

The most impressive mounts in this selection have a sleek design and a durable hold, no matter the conditions. The Out Front and Universal mounts from Peak Design and the best of the bunch, the Quad Lock mount, all showcase these features prominently, making them our favorite picks among an impressive lineup. The Quad Lock design is one of the most secure available, giving you a reliable hold for any kind of riding. Similarly, its intuitive build and quality material usage make for a well-rounded mounting solution that’s hard to compete with.

The Peak Design mounts come close, however. Each provides a solid fit and a similarly low-profile connection between the phone and bike harness. The Universal mount makes for easy adjustments and has a durable bracket that can wrap around any handlebar shape. Peak Design’s Out Front mount, on the other hand, offers premium build materials and a rugged yet understated design that excels for bikers who demand the most out of their gear.

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