Best Amazon Kindle cases (10th Gen) in 2023

Protecting your Kindle can be stylish at the same time

The 10th-generation Kindle may be celebrating its fourth birthday this year, but if you treat it right, there’s no reason it won’t see plenty more. Out of the box, it’s robust enough to take the odd tumble, but if you’re someone who takes books with you everywhere you go, you’ll want a quality case to ensure it’s always protected.

This selection of the best Amazon Kindle cases has something for everyone, from understated to eye-catching, with plenty of options that won’t break the bank. Whether you bought your Kindle to buy books directly from Amazon or to send yourself interesting articles for offline reading, these cases should give you additional peace of mind. Plus, if you want to level up your reading experience further, there are some great Kindle accessories out there as well.

  • diamond-case-kindle

    Source: Chineestyle

    Chineestyle Diamond Case For Kindle

    Best overall

    If you still want your Kindle to look like a Kindle, a TPU bumper case is what you need. While the Chineestyle Diamond bumper case doesn’t have a front cover, it does have a raised lip on the front to prevent any scratches or dings from happening when you lay it face down. TPU is notoriously grippy, so there are fewer worries about dropping your Kindle, but it still offers some decent drop protection as extra insurance. 

  • Amazon-kindle-case-1-1-render

    Source: Amazon

    Amazon Kindle Fabric Cover

    Premium pick

    While the Amazon fabric Kindle case may have a limited color selection and feature set, if you’re the type who prefers first-party accessories, this is your case. The features are more or less limited to a sturdy polycarbonate frame, magnetic closure, and auto sleep and wake support. As far as the styling goes, the colors are vibrant, and printed designs are available if solid-colored fabrics aren’t your jam.

  • ayotu e-reader case on white background

    Source: Ayotu

    Ayotu Case For Kindle

    Best value

    If all you need from a case are the essentials, the Ayotu case has you (and your Kindle) covered. Affordable as it may be, the case includes features like a magnetic closure and auto sleep and wake, but not much more. Available in a wide selection of solid-colored fabrics, finding one — or even multiple — you can live with is easy, given the low price point. 

  • mission cables case for 10th gen kindle

    Source: Mission Cables

    Mission Cables Case For Kindle

    A simple design

    $10 $15 Save

    This Made for Amazon case from Mission Cables is an excellent back cover for your Kindle. It uses soft plastic to protect the e-reader from dents, scuff marks, and other blemishes. You also get a precise cutout for the charging port and a responsive button. The company even includes a glass screen protector to keep the e-ink screen safe.

  • moko-fitted-kindle-case

    Source: MoKo

    Moko Protective Shell Case for Kindle

    The MoKo protective shell case has very few frills. But with auto sleep and wake, a hard plastic frame, and a lightweight yet sturdy cover, it’s focused on keeping your Kindle in great condition without adding much girth or weight. With a soft liner and raised corners, your e-ink display is sure to look as crystal-clear as the day you unboxed it.

  • tnp case for 10th gen kindle

    Source: TNP

    TNP Case For Kindle

    Available in many designs and colors, the TNP case for the 10th-gen Kindle has a folio-style form factor. So it offers your e-reader nearly 360-degree protection. In terms of the case material, the company has used PU leather, polycarbonate, and microfiber. As a result, it has a slim design and an elegant look. Moreover, it supports smart wake and sleep functionality like other folio-style cases.

  • updated-ACdream-folio-case

    Source: ACdream

    ACdream Folio Smart Case For Kindle

    If you want to keep your notebook with your Kindle or need pockets everywhere, the ACdream folio case is your best option due to its added storage. It may not have a form-fitting snap-in polycarbonate case design, but it still supports the Kindle’s magnetic auto wake and sleep. The case has the looks too, offering many fun hues.

  • govtva-flip-case

    Source: Govtva

    GOVTVA Case for Kindle

    $23 $40 Save

    The GOVTVA case for Kindle has magnetic sleep and wake, a kickstand, and two straps to make single-handed reading super easy. It comes in a few art prints and black if you’re the stealthy and understated type, but the misty landscape options are truly showstoppers. While plenty of cases are form-fitting, firmly snapping onto the corners to hold your Kindle, the GOVTVA case uses a pocket with a flap closure to secure your e-reader. 

  • Young-me-Kindle-case

    Source: Me and Young

    Younge Me Ultra Slim silicone case For Kindle

    It’s hard to beat a silicone slip-case when it comes to convenience and cost. The Young Me slim silicone case may not have creature comforts like magnetic sleep and wake or a kickstand, but it’s a great way to add extra grip to your Kindle. Though it doesn’t scream “fashion accessory, it is available in enough shades that it’ll please most tastes.

  • ayotu printed PU Kindle case with a floral print on a white background

    Source: Ayotu

    Ayotu PU leather case For Kindle

    Ayotu’s solid-color fabric case is one of the best budget options to keep your Kindle safe, so it’s not surprising that its more premium line of printed cases is also worth your attention. With the same general design as the fabric version, this faux leather Kindle case trades the mono-color fabric for a printed cover with barely any cash increase. From famous art to fun prints, you have plenty of options.

  • walnew sleeve for kindle

    Source: Walnew

    Walnew Sleeve

    If you only need e-reader protection for when you’re traveling or a pouch to store it, this universal tablet sleeve from Walnew is excellent. It can accommodate the 2019 Kindle without issues and keep it safe. It uses microfiber lining to ensure your e-reader doesn’t get scratched, and the exterior is made from suede to feel good in the hand. Plus, the sleeve uses a magnetic closure mechanism to keep things simple and convenient.

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