Amazon to kick off holiday shopping season with Prime Big Deal Days event in October

Between Amazon Prime Day in the summer and Black Friday/Cyber Monday in the winter, Amazon apparently feels that the fall is being left out of the deal holiday fun. Ever since 2020’s Amazon Prime Day was delayed into October by the pandemic, the company has hosted a mini-Prime Day-style event in October to kick off its holiday shopping season. For the last two years, it was called Amazon Prime Early Access Sale (PEAS), which is admittedly an ambiguous mouthful. Today, Amazon announced another October event with a new name that’s a bit of a sidegrade.



Amazon Prime Big Deal Days arrive in October — no exact date yet, but I imagine that’ll be revealed towards the end of August — with deals in 19 countries. The length of the event isn’t confirmed, either, but PEAS was two days, and I see no reason for Amazon to change that this year.

Previous events actually did focus on newly announced products — a literal early access sale for products launching for the holiday shopping season — but last year’s sale shifted into more of a Prime Day Part 2: Pumpkin Spice Edition type event. Hundreds of thousands of products will go on sale, everything from phones to watches to chargers to supersized home NAS servers, and we’ll be hunting down the best of the best for you to kickstart your holiday shopping with.

Amazon Prime Big Deal Days will likely be the first major discount we see for the launching-this-week Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, Flip 5, Galaxy Watch 6 series, and Tab S9 series, as well as a last-chance deal on the Google Pixel 7 series before the Pixel 8 series arrives in October. While we don’t have exact dates for the event, we can confidently say Amazon will not be discounting the Pixel 8 as it would be either freshly launched or still in preorders. I’m also hoping we won’t have to wait all the way to October, but if the shiny new Sony WF-1000XM5 earbuds don’t see a deal beforehand, they almost certainly will during Big Deal Days.

Of course, many of you won’t be able to wait until October, and that’s perfectly fine. Like any Amazon event, the deals will start rolling out in probably mid to late September, especially for Amazon’s family of brands like Ring, Blink, Echo, and the whole family of Fire TV-powered televisions. And in the meantime, we’ll be covering the best tech deals we can find for you.

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